Post your Original Character cosplays!

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#1 Blood_Sword on 8 years ago


I've always liked to see the original characters people come up with and thus I created this thread so it would be easier to find everyone who've done an OC or perhaps ten!
The point of this thread would be to link to your OC's here, probably give out a little info about your experiences with said costume and just talk about in progress OC's and so forth. :)


I've recently created my first OC myself. I had a blast with my friend the last weekend!
We went out in the cold (brrrr... winter in Finland brr...) to snap some pics~
I'll certainly do more OC's in the future, it was so much fun! :bigtu:

Okey, sorry if a thread like this exists...

#2 alpha_helix on 8 years ago

Well, I don't really do original characters so much as original designs. I don't really have a backstory to go with them, just a concept and some clothes.

[URL=""]1898 Hogwarts uniform.[/URL] Worn at the past two Dragon Cons, always goes over well.

[URL=""]1866 ball gown/[/URL] Worn at D*C 09, very fun, though unwieldy to wear. Currently retired because it's far below what my standards are now and could have been done better :/

[URL=""]steampunk jedi[/URL]

[URL=""]Lenore[/URL] Technically based on Edgar Allen Poe poems, but I consider it to be in the same category because all Poe really said about her was that she was very pretty and very dead.

#3 Aurora's Heart on 8 years ago

Alpha-love the steampunk Jedi. Never would have thought of that. Your other designs are good as well.

As for me, I've was inspired by a little known singing group to create an original costume for World Con 2008. It was fun to make and I was able to try my hand at beading and making a barrett. I'll probably tweek it a little, but for the most part it's done. A lot of people loved it and it was a huge hit at the con. It seemed to bring out a part of my personality I didn't know existed. ;)

[URL=""]Dragon Wine Lady[/URL]

#4 DarkChaos on 8 years ago

So far I've done two of my OCs, two versions of one of them :) You can see them both in my costumes list. I'm planning on doing Celestrial's Beserker form some time, and I'm thinking about re-doing DarkChaos :D He definitely looks better than when I did his cosplay many years ago XP

#5 ShinobiXikyu on 8 years ago

My medieval Countess, which took ten months of work because I insisted on making my own illuminated manuscript girdle book and I hand-embroidered a massive cloak....


#6 rionaze on 8 years ago

I'm a designer myself and I'm pretty into visual kei, I like to combine them with my local culture, and as cheap as possible ^^a

Btw I'm the blue one


This one came up when I want to cosplay as "something VERY blue, visual kei-ish with wings and techno goth vibe, can be done fast and cheap"
and everyone at Con call me "blue vampire queen" ^^a

#7 Annwyn on 8 years ago

Lately, I do more Original costumes than anything else. (Though if you count historical garb, that's always been the case.)
Most of my recent galleries are original costumes: [url][/url]

But you can see way more on my website (For instance, I haven't posted any historical pieces on [url][/url]

#8 Blood_Sword on 8 years ago

Wow, thank you everyone for posting here!
Keep 'em coming, I love to check them out and I hope everyone else do too! :)

Btw, I added more pics of my OC cosplay, [URL=""]Yuuto[/URL], yesterday! Feel free to have a look! Comments are much appreciated also~

Spread the love! :D
Thank you for participating in the thread!

#9 lily.young on 8 years ago


This is a original costume I made in Oct.
I wanna act the costume as a lovely girl mix with Japanese—Chinese style(I mean the outfit I wear)

#10 shadowbeam on 8 years ago

wow...alot of these are so stunning! I think OC design is so difficult, and I love to see so much creativity! I've been thinking about designing my own OC and this has just encouraged me ^^
I'll be watching this thread from now!

#11 Kiotoko_Solo on 7 years ago

I have a ton of OCs. One that I've actually transformed from my rave outfit was my OC Virus XD she's REALLY popular at Raves at cons, and surprisingly a lot of my normal cons, people recognize me in it and the character since I have comics and t shirt designs of her and her other OC friends O_o I had normal people from hotel staff want pictures with me XDDD;;


Then I have another costume which is a Satyr I've worn for years at renn fairs, Never really settled on a name, however people dubbed me The Satyr (how original right? lol) and I can't even walk 5ft without someone at the fair stopping me and wanting a picture, some people even come and pet me O_o which is kinda creepy XDD;;


#12 TMLiza on 7 years ago

I love this thread so far. ^_^. It's so interesting to see what kind of characters people come up with.

I actually have an OC I would love to cosplay at some point in the future. I just want to wait until I get better at sewing so I can make her outfit perfect.

#13 Amanita on 7 years ago

Here's a couple of mine:
First up- the Skyscraper. This one is the living incarnation of a skyscraper- note the headdress, which was an architectural model for my head, pretty much. The holographic shimmer fabric actually had its pattern applied in little squares, kinda like windowpanes. As for the wings, they were meant to suggest the silver mirror-glass facade of a building, peeled back to reveal the living being underneath. I also wore 4" platform boots for this outit.
Unfortunately the pics aren't the greatest- my makeup didn't turn out well at all, and I forgot to take off the purse I was carrying some essentials in. I should have taken the glasses off too, ack.

Next up is the Mackinac Bridge. I apologize for the poor quality of these pics- they were taken at a halloween party. My belt alone incorporated several bridge features- the stiffening trusses of the deck on the aprons, and the main cables and suspender ropes, not to mention cable lighting. I also wore a dreadlock wig to suggest cables for hair, and an authentic souvenir Mackinac Bridge hat, which didn't wanna stay in place when people photographed it. If you look at the chest of my costume, you'll notice the latticework pattern of the towers is reproduced there too.


#14 sephygoth on 7 years ago


I've always liked to see the original characters
We went out in the cold (brrrr... winter in Finland brr...)

good thread :crest:

#15 ~H~ on 7 years ago

Fun thread idea! I love seeing everyone's photos ^_^.

Here are some of mine: