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#1 InkyDoo on 8 years ago

I just came across these dolls in Target and I love the line of Dolls and was wondering has anyone else has a hankering to cosplay these characters?


They currently have mini webisodes, I do not know if this doesn't count as a cartoon series.

#2 andprosper on 8 years ago

I am. My friend and I want to do Draculaura and Cleo (me as Cleo). We're trying to rope people into it so we can get a whole group!

#3 ElectriqueChair on 7 years ago

Oh mannn I'm glad other people are thinking of cosplaying this! I'm trying to get a group together myself, so far we have Ghoulia, Draculaura and Lagoona.

#4 MissLlil on 7 years ago

Group for which con?

I want to do a Frankie.

Also, here is a neat link I found while surfing around for pictures of Frankie...
This person has made some original characters for Monster High. I just ADORE Dani Jones!

#5 mylove on 7 years ago

I want to do Lagoona so bad. <_______________>
I think I will for AnimeFest this year. I'll have a Cleo, Frankie, Draculaura, and Deuce with me~

#6 kujakuu on 7 years ago

Omg! I love Monster High. I thought I was like the only non child person that liked them! I watched all the episodes and read the book. XDD DO IT! Cosplay as one! Will be great!

#7 Spaz_attack on 7 years ago

i would love to do cleo or draculaura

#8 Kazephyr on 7 years ago

It's so nice not be alone in my nerdiness. XD I'd love to do Clawdeen's Dawn of the Dance outfit, or maybe Cleo or Lagoona. X3 Who knows, with the new book coming out this spring, we actually be, y'know... Recognized. XD

The more I look at Clawdeen's DotD outfit, the more I wanna make it. T_T But that would mean another bout with my old enemy... airbrush tanning. D:

#9 CyberCandy on 7 years ago

[FONT="Arial Narrow"][CENTER]I'm sooooo in love with MH 83

I think I'm going to do Draculaura sometime over the summer<3[/CENTER][/FONT]

#10 IzzyTheInsane on 7 years ago

I'm thinking of either Lagoona, Draculaura, or Frankie... Draculaura would be easy to make, Frankie's personality is most like mine, and Lagoona is really cute. And I also hate the unnatural skin tone factor, but paint should work once I get the technique right...

Any suggestions???

#11 Stormraven24 on 7 years ago

I'm doing Draculaura right now! Ironic since I usually hate pink. A friend of mine is going to be Clawdeen. The only thing I'm stressing over is Draculaura's hair. Everything else is relatively simple (vest, skirt with yoke, petticoat, leggings, umbrella), but that wig is going to give me hell.

#12 Emrys on 7 years ago

Dude! I wish I saw this thread earlier! I reallyreallyreally want to cosplay Lagoona! (Some of my character design weaknesses are curly hair and blue skin so I'm doubly smitten... if she had an eyepatch I think my head would explode!)

When I got my new-year bonus the first thing I bought was a Lagoona doll, for "cosplay research" lol.

I've got the makeup and webbing all figured out ([URL=""]so much love for blue![/URL]), but I've been agonizing over the wig for a good nine months now.

#13 Fainne Roisin on 7 years ago

Yes! My friends and I are trying to put a group together. I want to do Ghoulia, and we'll have a Frankie and Lagoona. Dunno which con we'll do it for, though.

#14 Miyabi- on 7 years ago

I'm old and I love the character designs so much! I'd like to make Frankie or Draculaura because I'm a sucker for colored streaks in hair!

#15 ElectriqueChair on 7 years ago

If any of you are going to Anime Weekend Atlanta this year, a couple of friends and I shall attempt to put together a Dead Tired group (The name of the line of dolls in pajamas, so, basically pajama-wear, haha) and we're trying to get every character! So far we have myself as Draculaura, a Ghoulia, and a Lagoona. So yeah, if any of you are going to that particular con, we should totally do this! :>

Also, to the cosplayer wondering about how to do Draculaura's wig- Did you figure out a way? For myself, I was thinking of buying the Innocent wig from Amphigory, straightening the pigtails and styling them to be all bouncy like hers are, and then buying a few strands of the pink Manic Panic hair strips to put into it. It's going to be quite expensive, so that's why I'm asking if you figured out an easier way!