TA~DAH! KiddyGrade/KiddyGiRL-AND Fanime 2011!

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#1 maikiritori on 11 years ago

Hey all KG/KGA Cosplayers! I'm really looking forward to Fanime 2011, and I hope you all are too! Let's make this one of the best gatherings ever. I hope to see as many characters as there possibly could be!

Photography Disclaimer

FanimeCon will be taking photographs at this years' Gathering/Event. If you do not want to be photographed, please step off to the side while those photos are being taken. By staying with the group while those photos are being taken, you are giving your permission to be photographed.


Title: Kiddy Grade/Kiddy GiRL- AND

Eclair (end of season1/KGA version)~ maikiritori

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