Castle in the Sky

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#1 kandell on 8 years ago

I looked for an existing Castle in the Sky thread, but I couldn't find one So I figured I'll make my own!

I'll be making Sheeta's yellow, orange, and coral outfit for Anime Iowa '11. So far it looks like the most complicated part will be the circular thing on the belt, but I'm thinking I'll be able to do it out of clay or something.

So I hope this thread will serve as help for anyone who is making or planning a Castle in the Sky costume :]

#2 Da_Duke2000 on 7 years ago

Please share any progress! I know someone who would be very interest in the how-to process you made, and a live action example!

#3 Valen7ine on 7 years ago

I'm impressed that someone is actually doing a catsle in the sky cosplay, it's such an unappreciated movie, but a very good one

#4 ekf501 on 7 years ago

you can see her work in progress and final shots in her photo gallery :) They came out great!