Sailor Moon 2011?

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#1 airpwane on 7 years ago

Any Sailor Moon cosplayers and/or groups attending Metrocon this year? I plan to wear my Sailor Venus cosplay on one of the con days, and it would great if we could meet up for pictures etc. :>

#2 ajisaiareku on 7 years ago

I'm doing my Eternal Neptune but you already knew that lol. Fangtasia is doing Eternal Pluto, KonohaUzumaki Eternal Uranus, and Maeanalda may do a Sailor Cosmos or Eternal Sailor Moon. Trying to convince Yasiry to come in her Eternal Mars costume. Having a full on Eternal group would rock if others want to join!

#3 ajisaiareku on 7 years ago

More scouts would be awesome so we can have a shoot on Saturday! We have so far:
Airpwane: Eternal Saturn
Ajisaiareku: Eternal Neptune
KonohaUzumaki: Eternal Uranus
Maeanalda: Sailor Cosmos
Fangtasia: Eternal Pluto
Yasiry: Human Form Luna

Anyone else please!

#4 Aubreylkesboobs on 7 years ago

aww! :D im gonna find yall and get a picture with yall. i adore sailormoon! < 33

#5 airpwane on 7 years ago

Still looking for more senshi :)!

#6 Oreha on 7 years ago

I wanted to be Black Lady D: . But unfortunately Ill have to hold that off until a later convention because I wasnt able to get ahold of an adequate wig, and from there was too lazy to finish the dress. Im being Lulu from FFX anyway and arranging that cosplay has already been crazy...

#7 Kitsune on 7 years ago

I have a friend going as Paneru (I hope I got that spelling right) on Saturday! I should let her know about this; she was sad a lot of us had to bail on Sailor Moon costumes for Metrocon.