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#1 LuckyDeathStar on 8 years ago

The wife and I are looking at characters to cosplay for Ohayocon. We'll probably do this with my sister as well. We originally thought about doing the two Qiaos [for my wife and sister] and then me with Zhen Ji [mostly because of her chest, not going to lie there].

However, my friend [who got me into the DW series] has said that the three of them are way over done. What is your opinion?

I have no issues with overdone cosplays. I've done ones from FF, Naruto and FMA. I just like others opinions on this.

I don't want to hear any 'wear what you want to wear' type statements, I just want a discussion ^_^

#2 Dragon on 8 years ago

Uh... 'Overdone' definitly depends on where you live. ANY kind of DW/SW/WO cosplay over where I live and participate in cons are RARE.

Also with being able to choose from various versions, I can't believe ALL of them are overdone.

Generally speaking I only cosplay characters I like and do not particulary care whether or not they've been done before - if I really like them.
I've discarded a handful of cosplay plans before even starting them after checking how often the character has been done. Not because it was 'overdone' but simply because I felt the character had already had enough 'worthshippers' and I had dozens of other characters that I wanted to do.

You say you don't care whether or not it's overdone or not, so if any of your group DOES worry, I'd say: Just check out which versions have been done often before and either pic one that's been done less often or just pick the one you like and make it as perfect as possible.
DW characters have lots of details and stuff, so making it will keep anyone busy for a longer period of time anyway, if one is serious about getting accurate.

#3 CapsuleCorp on 8 years ago


I have yet to see any of them at any Midwest cons. The last time I saw a Dynasty Warriors cosplay at a Midwest con (I think it was Anime St. Louis) was back in 2007 or 2008? It was a while ago.

DW/SW is totally rare around here. None of them are overdone. Did your friend mean that they're overdone among the DW costumes in existence? So what? I would like to see some, so keep doing them. I'd also like to see some done right - the ones I mention that I saw last were really not done well and just sort of sloppily thrown together, I don't know which characters they were even supposed to be.

#4 moonlit-sky on 8 years ago

I don't think Zhen Ji is an overdone character, i see more Cao Pi(s) than her on cure.

Like what Dragon mentioned, it depends on where you are from. KOEI costumes are never considered overdone (it's almost as rare as mechas) from my country, no matter which character it is. People see DW costumes as high-level (because of the intricate patterns or armor) and many are still relatively new to the hobby. The experienced ones are either retired or inactive. Some of the former DW cosplayers find the costumes too time-consuming or complex and stop at 1 or 2.

We do not have active people for KOEI cosplays, we need more!

The words 'overdone' and 'DW costumes' do not co-exist in a sentence in my country.

#5 CapsuleCorp on 8 years ago

Out of curiosity I searched through the costumes listed here on cosplay.com, and while I did see a lot of Qiao sisters and Zhen Ji, I also saw a LOT of Sun Shang Xiang and Diao Chan - as many if not more of the others. But most of those are only recently posted or finished - go back a couple years and it was Zhou Yu that was really popular. But that's a subset of a subset of a subset. I'm pretty sure no matter where you are in the world, if you did Zhen Ji or the Qiaos you'd be the only ones at any given convention.

Unless it's a huge convention like AX or Otakon, and then you might have two or three of them out of thousands of people. That's still not overdone.

#6 LuckyDeathStar on 8 years ago

I have only seen ONE DW cosplay, and that was at my first convention, in 2006. Someone did Yue Ying. [I had to ask her who she was cause I was all lack of sleep+arguing with my sister+sporadic food= confusion] I was like "i know who you are, but for the life of me can't remember your name!" At least she was cool about it.

I've been looking at Lian Shi/Lady Bu from DW7 because yes, it looks easy, but it's more time consuming than some of my other costumes. Should be a lot of fun though.

#7 Theophenes on 7 years ago

It's pretty regional. I don't remember seeing any dynasty warriors groups when I was at Fanime this year, and I saw bloody Daft Punk cosplayers at Fanime this year.

#8 Jyrotika on 7 years ago

I've been to several Northeast cons, including one Otakon and one Colossalcon, and I've never seen a DW cosplay in person. That being said, the two Qiaos and Zhen Ji have been with the series through several versions- Zhen Ji was one of only ..5(?) playable female characters back in version 3 when I got into the series.

One of the things I like most about the DW series is the sheer amount of costumes to choose from- I've always wanted to do a costume from it, but it wasn't until I saw Cai Wenji's outfit that I finally decided to put one together C: (Hopefully it'll be finished before Tekkoshocon!)

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