Anime Detour, MoA raid and Avatar: the Last Airbender!

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#1 Animangafreak on 10 years ago

Hey! Is there any Avatar: The last Airbender cosplayers this year? Planning to go to the Con? This might fall through for me, but I was wondering if any of the Detour Avatar cosplayer were going to raid the Mall of America and hang out in Nickolodeon Universe, at least for a while. They even have this Avatar thrill ride.

I might not get to go to Detour, but I'd sure love to do the MoA thing. Would any cosplayers wanna form an Avatar group and go together? Perhaps? If I end up going, I don't want to be the only Avatar cosplayer there. :P

#2 knight on 10 years ago

I don't know that I'll have my Avatar costume done in time, but I'd still love to go. :3

#3 Animangafreak on 10 years ago

OH! Really? Who would you cosplay? I'm hoping to go as Zuko, but if you are, then I might do someone else instead. Maybe... XD I love Prince Zuko!

#4 knight on 10 years ago

meep! ...I'd wear one of my other costumes, of course! XD

#5 Animangafreak on 10 years ago

XD So you had a Prince Zuko costume too? Awesome. XD

#6 kanghead on 10 years ago

The MOA raid might not happen because it's so far from the new hotel.

#7 Animangafreak on 10 years ago

That's what i heard. But I might end up doing an MoA raid anyway? i heard someone from Anime Detour wanted to get a group together? Not quite sure on that. Just thought it might be fun anyway.

#8 Sgt Chase on 10 years ago

Still even if it feels too far way. If people go for it. People will do it. I agree I am bummed that it moved. If I had time to finish my Avatar costume I would go for it. But I have 3 other Projects that have taken up the top of my spare time.

#9 Animangafreak on 10 years ago

Well if you happen to eventually get to finish your Avatar costume, do post, okay? Just in case this MoA raid falls through, because it would be loads of fun if you could make it.

#10 Sgt Chase on 10 years ago

Yea when I finish it I will post it on here. The Way I Cosplay is not taking the main charaters most of the time. Just minor roles. My Avatar Cosplay is of the Royal Earthbender Guards. Hope to finish this. I may have to start on it again now.

#11 animewolf on 10 years ago

Is anyone planning to do Aang? I'm hoping to get a simple version of the costume done, but if someone's already doing him, I'll work on another. Oh, and count me in if you head over to MOA.

#12 Animangafreak on 10 years ago

YAY! Awesome! I'm not doing Aang, I was hoping to do Prince Zuko's last costume in the anime/cartoons. :D Hey, animewolf. If you do go as Aang, do you want to learn the Dancing Dragons thing?

What are you going as KNIGHT?

@ Sgt Chase. Whoa! A royal Earthbender guard? That's so cool!

Um, I heard that MoA requires the cosplay group to have someone over 21 present. Have any of you done a MoA raid before? I haven't. And do you know anyone 21 years old or are any of you that old? I'm 21 this September, but somehow I don't think that would count.

#13 Sgt Chase on 10 years ago

Well I have decided to put all costume projects on hold so I can complete my Royal Earthbender Guard Costume. I will be going to JoAnn's for the fabric this weekend. The Designs for the clothing are easy to do. It's just the Helmet and the shoes I have to work on. Does anyone have a complete shot of a Royal Earthbender Guard? All the photo's I have only show the top half.

#14 Animangafreak on 10 years ago

Hey, Sgt Chase, could you take a screen shot of a earthbender guard rewatching the Avatar episodes online? Say, watching Sonzin's Comet? There are some guards there I think? I would try and find it myself, but unfortunately I'm swamped with school. School not done=no Anime Detour/MoA raid. Unfortunately. Still. I'm hoping to get that all done and use alllll the spare time to do my Zuko costume and raise money to spend at the Detour and at the MoA. I want a Appa plushie! Maybe a Momo one too! A friend of mine is having a birthday on April 12th and he loves Avatar too...maybe I could send him either an Avatar b-day card, a plushie, or some sweatshirt/t-shirt. That would be awesome.

#15 Sgt Chase on 10 years ago

Yea I will be looking into it. I haven't had alot of luck with the Online episodes so far. But I will dig into it more.