Name of an anime or manga, anyone know this one?

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#1 Amanita on 7 years ago

A while back, I remember somebody referring to an anime or manga where the characters were personified versions of military vehicles, like planes and such. Does anyone know the name of this?

#2 belligerent on 7 years ago

It's a webcomic, but it's called Midnight Navy. It's really hetalia-y from what I've seen.

#3 alucard13mmfmj on 7 years ago

Strick Witches is planes.

Mecha Musame is just artwork with mechanize vehicles.

#4 Lithium Flower on 7 years ago

Are you talking about where the young girls get plane feet?

Because that's [URL=""]Strike Witches[/URL]. and no I have no idea.

#5 Amanita on 7 years ago

Midnight Navy was the one I was thinking of! Those characters are adorable, I wonder how long before somebody tries drawing the Titanic in similar fashion? (I mean strictly the personification angle, not the hetalia-esque humor)