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#1 Nathus Dorkus on 7 years ago

Hullo m'lovelies!

I'd like to share with you my new YouTube channel, Nathus Dorkus Geekery.
It is going to be my hub for all things cosplay, conventions, video games (playthroughs such as Fahrenheit and Minecraft custom maps), figurines, dolls, etc. <3

My pride and joy at the moment is the first part of our Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in NA) playthrough:
"It's here! IT'S HERE! After countless mistakes, a faulty controller, a couple hours of grumpy editing and 20+ hours of upload time (including YellowSphere accidentally closing Safari), it's finally here!

Part 1 of our Fahrenheit playthrough! PLEASE watch, enjoy, comment on what you loved or hated, subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for oncoming parts to this epic, ridiculous adventure!

Further instalments will probably be slightly shorter, easier to manage videos so don't be put off by the length of this first one.

Thank you so much to Adam (AKA YellowSphere) for playing the game and being totally unable to mop the floor."

Which you can find here:

You can also find us (and please like us!) here on Facebook: