Ultra Super Fun Sized Mini Con Masquerade Fashion Show

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#1 Shanihime on 7 years ago


Ultra Super Fun Sized Mini Con is looking for cosplayers who are interested in strutting their stuff in our fashion show styled Masquerade; and let's face it, the best part of cosplaying is showing off those amazing costumes! This is our main event and we are looking for interested parties (groups or singles) to help. As this is a costume exhibition, not a competition, there will be no prizes awarded. Cosplay must be PG13 (no nudity, illusion of nudity, violence, signs with naughty words, etc.) and safe (no pointy bits, must wear shoes, etc.). Want to participate? Send an email with your name and the best way to contact you to [email][email protected][/email] with "masquerade" in the subject. Want more info about the con? Check out the website: [URL="http://www.ultrasuperfunsizedminicon.weebly.com"]http://www.ultrasuperfunsizedminicon.weebly.com[/URL]

See you all there! :wave:

#2 Shanihime on 7 years ago

Hi everyone! We're still looking for cosplayers who are interested in strutting their stuff in our Masquerade! For more info check out the link below! Remember, the deadline is getting close. :)

#3 KnightJeran on 7 years ago

I'm definitely interested in going, but I won't know for sure until it's closer to the date. I can't wait! :)

#4 Shanihime on 7 years ago

Interested in sporting your wears in Mini Con's Artist's Alley? The deadline for applications is fast approaching! March 23rd is the deadline for both AA and the masquerade. Don't be left out!

#5 Shanihime on 6 years ago

So our AA and Masquerade submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied! Don't forget, you now have less than a week till registration closes so if you've been waiting now's your last chance to get them in! :)

We can't wait to see you all!

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