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#1 Saeru on 11 years ago

[b][u]Post 1[/b][/u]

A compilation of ideas and links from the [url=]Organization XIII Coats[/url] thread. ^.^ This will be kept updated as much as possible, so feel free to post a link to your own tutorials or post your suggestions in here, and I shall link to them.

Be sure to also visit the [url=]Kingdom Hearts Resources and Tutorials[/url] thread.

[u][b]Post Guide![/u][/b]

[b]Post 1[/b] - Guide Post

[b]Post 2[/b] - References and Materials

[b]Post 3[/b] - Weapon/Wig/Coat Tutorials

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[b][u]Post 2[/b][/u]


[url=]Organization Cast[/url] - Picture of All the Organization Members
[url=]Back of Coat[/url] - from the waist up
[url=]Ani_Bee's post[/url] - Some very high-quality renders, good for looking at beads and pulls
[url=]Puresquare's KHII Gallery[/url] - Very, very high quality images.
[url=]Puresquare's Ultimania Gallery[/url] - More very high quality images.
[url=]8-13 Head Renders[/url] - Close up front-on headshots of all members.
[url=]Coat pics by Amorius[/url] - High-Quality coat images from multiple angles.
[url=]358/2 Days profiles[/url] - the newer character renders for all the Nobodies (super-huge detail for Xemnas + Xigbar)


Notes: Finding a good pattern is difficult. Anything you get in a store will require editing, and patterns found online will be difficult to print. Thankfully there are some tutorials out there. ^.^

[url=]Simplicity Matrix pattern[/url] - Good base pattern. Requires some changes in pattern pieces to be accurate, and the addition of a hood.
[b]The visual editing tutorial for this pattern is [url=]here[/url][/b]
[url=]Online pattern[/url] - Requires printing, and a hood. Sleeves are Axel shaped, and would require editing for any other member.
[url=]Tallus' Pattern[/url] - Very close to accurate. Only missing hood and some piping.
[url=]Hood Pattern[/url] - Very crude pattern that could be used as a guideline for making a hood
[url=]Enigma Coat[/url] - Online coat pattern with good shapes and similar seams.
[url=]Kwik-Sew Coat[/url] - Basic pattern available for purchase online-includes hood.
[url=]Simplicity Hooded Cloak[/url] - Pattern may help inspire the general shape/hood for a coat, but will need to add appropriate seams.

Notes: Coat fabric can be chosen to preference depending on whether one is following the game renders or the movie sequences. ^.^ Fabric should at least resemble light denim in thickness to give the correct drape and a good life span. Approximately 5 yards seems to be the recommended allotment. As far as sewing ease, all of the following fabrics have been tested and found to be easy enough to work with. ^.^

[url=]SY Fabrics Vinyl[/url] - $6.75 USD per yard. Looks just like matte leather, has a two-way stretch, durable thickness, and gives the appearance of Roxas' coat in Deep Dive.
[url= Pleather]Stretch Pleather[/url] - $8.00 USD per yard. Looks just like leather and has good flow, plus stretch. Also similar to the coats in Deep Dive.
[u]Twill/Bottomweight Cotton[/u] - ~$6 USD per yard. Available at most fabric stores. Can be purchased as stretchy or non, but is thick enough to use effectively. Similar to game-renders.
[u]Suede[/u] - ~$10 USD per yard. Available at most fabric stores. Also can be found in stretchy or non. Would be a nicer alternative to Twill/Bottomweight Cotton, and gives the exact appearance of the in-game renders.
[url=]Moleskin[/url] - ~$5 USD per yard. Available at most fabric stores, and is very similar to suede but is a little thinner. This makes it somewhat easier to work with (though be careful, as its slippery), but also more prone to more wrinkles when worn (and thus lining is recommended.)
[url=]Leather[/url] - ~$100 USD per 24sq ft. Leather is very expensive and is hard to work with, but is also extremely durable once finished. (See [url=]this post[/url] for tips.)

Notes: Zipper gauges are given in thicknesses from a #1 all the way up to a #30. A #30 is the most accurate Organization thickness, but for some members a smaller gauge will work. Check ones references carefully, because different Organization members have different colored zips as well as different sized ones.

[url=]Plastic Org Zipper[/url] - #10 + #20 + #30 large to giant zippers in lengths up to about 60" with 1 or 2 pulls, in many colors.
[url=]Zippersource[/url] - [Size="1"]#10 zippers max size, but with variable lengths, styles, and colors.
[url=]Aluminum Stan Zipper[/url] - #10 2-way separating Aluminum zipper up to 60" long, only comes in silver.
[url=]Plastic Stan Zipper[/url] - #10 2-way separating Plastic zipper up to 36" long, available in many colors.
[url=]YKK Vision Zipper[/url] - #10 'Vision nylon' one-way separating zipper up to 96" long, available in silver.


[url=]Boot Thread[/url] - Discussion thread for different boots that will work
[url=]Captain boots[/url] - Captain 100 by Pleaser
[url=]Captain 108[/url] - The next best thing, but with a slightly wider calf
[url=]Zorro "boots"[/url] - more like tall boot covers to go over another pair of real boots


[url=]Small wooden spools[/url] - Available at most craft stores, adding a little texture on these spools will go a long way to making nice beads for your chain.
[url=]Fan pulls[/url] - Available at hardware stores and lighting stores, these offer a reasonable facsimile of the Organization's pulls.
[url=]Beads and Pulls[/url] - Nice picture and details on what was used to make them.
[url=]Hand-made Chain Set[/url] - Pre-assembled + sculpted coat hardware by Xirucem.
[url=]Another version of the chain set[/url] - An alternate assemblage of the chain/beads/pulls as seen on orgXIIIorg coats.

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#4 Saeru on 11 years ago

This is the last one! Go ahead and post. ^.^

#5 riotgirl8268 on 11 years ago

this is awesome, it's going to help a lot of people. and make it easier so they don't have to sift through the orgy XIII tread lol

#6 Saeru on 11 years ago

I do hope it helps. ^.^ I was having trouble running through, myself. o.o But I did go through the whole thing, and took what links I could.

#7 Sasukes_Gurl_Ry on 11 years ago

this is not my tutorial i was serching threads and found a good tutorial by Cora about styling an Axel wig. i think it should be up here :) [url][/url]

#8 Saeru on 11 years ago

Got it! ^.^ And thanks!

#9 Aokiyai on 11 years ago

...I don't know if this helps or not, but there's an organization XIII pattern downloadable for free off this site, and links to tutorials on it too. (and I didn't make this. xD;; )


#10 Saeru on 11 years ago

Looks like this became a double post.

#11 Saeru on 11 years ago

Added it! Also added links to some accessories. ^.^

#12 Nyoko on 11 years ago

what do you all suggest for axel's weapons?
I was going to use wood but my dad is giving me a hissy fit about it, He seems to think that cutting it out of wood is to hard and that I need to buy wooden rings for it >.> so he won't let me cut it out of solid wood...

#13 Saeru on 11 years ago

I've seen some very good ones made out of insulation foam. Let me see if I cannot dig out a tutorial...I'm SURE there is one around.

#14 Saeru on 11 years ago

o.O Or maybe there isn't. I could SWEAR that somewhere out there I found a website of someone that I knew who had made one and said how, but all I came up with this time was a vector pattern and some guy in a garage. I posted both links, but who knows where that tutorial went off to.

#15 Saeru on 11 years ago

Found it! *updates*