Platform boots -ridculous or not?

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#1 biggest_freak on 7 years ago

I just wanna know if anyone hear thinks platform boots look ridiculous or not with cosplays. See, I wanna do Axel (Kingdom Hearts II) but I'm no taller than 5'3" whilst he's probably about 6 feet. I see a lot of cosplayers use platform boots and they make their coat long enough to hide it, and I don't mind how it looks, but what do you guys think? Stupid looking or not?

I just wanna cosplay him but I'm so short :(

#2 Blood_Sword on 7 years ago

First of all, height doesn't matter.. you can't control it so why let it stop you?

And secondly I'm not really a fan of seeing platform boots myself, but it depends on the character a bit.. for example Axel in platform boots would look more acceptable than like... Inuyasha. If you know what I mean...

But yeah, it's up to you in the end and what you think is important.. but remember, cosplay who you want to cosplay!

#3 LluviaSarcasm on 7 years ago

I don't think height should stop you, but personally, I try to pick characters with similar height. But that's also because I'm tall, and while a shorter cosplayer can still look good as a taller character, I think huge versions of short characters don't look so...great..
So in my opinion adjusting your height is good! The platform boots should just match the characters style (and time). So they can look good and be used!
But you can also make yourself taller by layering insoles in shoes that are a size larger, for example.

#4 biggest_freak on 7 years ago

This person is a great example of an Axel cosplayer who isn't super tall (she said she was 5'4") and manages to use platform boots to look awesome:

#5 x-Steffi-x on 7 years ago

Platforms boots do look ridiculous, adding a little height is fine, but when it becomes really obvious with thick platform boots, yeah... No. As it's been said a thousand times over, height really doesn't matter, if you're that concerned about it, like LluviaSarcasm said, cosplay another character that is more in your height range.

#6 Tangledinblue on 7 years ago

Yeah height should not matter at all when it comes to cosplay. I too am 5 foot 3, and I cosplay characters like Nico Robin who is a good foot taller then me. No one cares if you are shorter then that character.

Now persoanlly...I'm not a fan of those plateform shoes at all, like those huge 6 inch platform ones. I think they look ridicuous and often times I find people don't even know how to walk in them. If you do want to add a little height, something with possible not as big as platform could be the best way to go, maybe 2 inches or so.

#7 ferrinator on 7 years ago

and this is why i cosplay really, really short dudes.

except Haji. but he's too awesome not to cosplay.

#8 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

personally I think platform boots look really silly.
The only time Ive used them was for my Pyramid Head cosplay and then they were covered in leather and by a long leather apron so they didnt look like platforms.
you wouldnt give..oh...I dont know...Reno from final fantasy platforms to be that tall would you? or Ezio from Assassin's Creed?
I say work with what you have ^_^ your costume will still look amazing even if your mini sized!

#9 RydiaValentine on 7 years ago

They can look good only with certain characters. I think they're fine for Axel, make him look cooler, taller and slimmer. At least in the good Axels with platform boots I've seen.

#10 Taliesiin on 7 years ago

Platforms can look good when done right. I know a girl who has these Loli shoes and you can't even tell they give her like 3 inches.

I think you can get away with it more with Axel too, his style would wear boots anyway.

#11 Anmanda on 7 years ago

I agree with Blood_Sword on this matter, it depends on the character, but in Axels case I'd say it's acceptable, it suits his style anyway. But when people use platform boots for characters that obviously would not wear ones, like a Hetalia character or Inuyasha or someone like that it just looks wrong.
But the again, height should not even matter, just cosplay whoever you want :3

#12 wanderingdreamr on 7 years ago

Sometimes I think that small heels/lifts in shoes can be well done but usually I think that full on platform shoes look a bit ridiculous. I'm only 5' 2" myself and I've just stopped caring how tall the characters I cosplay as (and careful angles/set-ups for photoshoots can work wonders).

#13 Mehdia on 7 years ago

Certain characters can look good with platform shoes, others just look silly. I wear platform boots a lot in everyday life, but I wouldn't throw them on with a costume unless they are supposed to be there. I especially don't care for the elevator shoes with the huge heels on them, especially if the character is like a really masculine guy. Yeah, getting the height can be cool, but it isn't a big factor in my opinion. I cosplay a few CLAMP characters, and they can all look like they are over seven feet tall, but I don't try to fake too much height. I've used heels for Yuuko, but she wears a lot of tall heeled shoes anyway, so it doesn't look wrong. When I'm Fai however, I wear flat mens shoes because he's not a platform wearer.

In the end, it's a matter of preference, but I'm not a fan of them unless they are called for.

#14 Ends Beginning on 7 years ago

I agree with all the above posters on this.

I know someone who bought platform shoes to be "insert character" and it was just rediculous. She ended up taking them off because she could keep up with everyone and kept tripping over everything.

I'd say do what you want, but if you go with the platform boots practice walking in them. I wear heels to work everyday and I can tell you that one some surfaces that extra height and the unstable nature aren't so fun.

#15 SweeneyTodd on 7 years ago

Agreed as well. I think it really all depends on what character you are doing. It becomes more of an issue if you are doing a character from a specific time period. But I think with an Axel cosplay, it would definitely be more acceptable to use them (especially if you are doing the Organization XIII cosplay). But as it has been said, for future reference/characters, it would probably be best to just deal with the height you are at and wear shoes that are fitting to the character and comfortable.
Although sometimes comfort has to be sacrificed for accuracy (my Sweeney shoes are killer on my feet, which is why I now only wear them Friday and Saturday of the con.... By Sunday I'm like "screw it, I was kinda accurate for 2/3 of the weekend... Good 'nough").
Also with the height thing, don't let it bother you too much. I know from personal experience (me being 5'3" and cosplaying a 5'10" male) not many people notice height. I have had a couple comments on it, but generally it goes unnoticed. Just remember that you probably notice it way more than other people would.