Borg Queen Hair?!

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#1 Lizziloli on 10 years ago


I need to figure out a simple fairly cheap way to do something similar to this! If anyone has any ideas?! Thanks!!

#2 benihime on 10 years ago

similar to what?

#3 KittyCanuck on 10 years ago

You'll have to provide reference pictures if you want people to be able to help you out.

#4 Lothlin on 10 years ago

Guys, she did provide a reference. You're not seeing it? o.O

#5 benihime on 10 years ago

no i'm not seeing it

#6 DesertLily on 10 years ago

img tags don't work in the forums, except for the cosplay critique threads. Here's the link she had in her first post:


#7 this_chick25 on 10 years ago

Wow... that's more of a "headstyle" than a "hairstyle". And it looks painful! ::cringes::


OK, I'm definitely seeing a bald cap, and what's that hose like what they use in refrigerators?

This may not be cheap, though...

Where's our prosthetics guy? He usually shows up for stuff like this.

#8 Sarcasm-hime on 10 years ago

Bald cap, plastic tubing and various other electrical-looking bits, liquid latex to smooth the tubing into the cap...?

#9 this_chick25 on 10 years ago

Yep, that's why I was saying this won't be cheap. And it won't be easy either--liquid latex is a pain to work with (it smells sooo bad).

You may even need two bald caps to sandwich the tubing and give it that fleshy-looking tension, and then do that painful-looking bunchy-twisty bit in the back (ow my head... just looking at it... that is an awesome makeup job! I never looked at the Borg Queen that closely before.)... but can you layer bald caps?

But this is definitely more "makeup" than "wig". Verdatum would probably be able to help you with this.

#10 Lizziloli on 10 years ago

So price isn't really an issue anymore. Someone else mentioned swim caps to me? Maybe flesh tones. I have no clue where to get a bald cap. I want liquid latex. I have how I can attach it all to my head without to much trouble, but I have to figure out how to get the balding effect. *Sigh* My problem is I need everyhting such short notice, so I can't really order it off the internet without fear of it arriving too late!

Sorry the picture didn't show, I don't know the didn't work. I showed when I veiwed the thread, so I really didn't know.

#11 Sarcasm-hime on 10 years ago

For materials look up theatrical supply stores, or at this time of year Halloween party stores may carry bald caps and such.

#12 Miyabi- on 10 years ago

You probably will have to get two bald caps AND use a flesh toned wig cap underneath those in order for your hair to not show though. A friend of mine has dark hair and you could see his hair through his bald cap even with his wigcap on. They're just not that'll have to double up on something...either two wigcaps or two bald caps.
Sarcasm-hime is right on all the tools you'll need for this and it'll be really time consuming to put on so be sure to practice a lot before your actual event. ^_^
Good luck on this and post pics when you're done. Borg Queen is one of my dream costumes so I'd love to see it when it's done!