Black Widow costume help

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#1 PepperPerry on 5 years ago

I'm wanting to make a Black Widow cosplay as accurately as possible and I was wondering if anyone had any material recommendations for her MCU costume particularly in the Avngers and after. I can't put images on as I'm on my iPad.
Any help at all would be grateful appreciated :)

#2 dizzymonochrome on 5 years ago

My bf did a budget MCU Avengers Black Widow cosplay 2 years ago. He spent roughly $60 on the entire thing, and we're actually still quite happy with it.


Outfit was all thrift store purchases - black pants that I altered to tighten the legs, and a tight black spandex shirt. He spent about 4 hours carefully picking the embroidery off the back of the shirt, and it was still visible to the eye, but not on camera.

All leg straps were wide black elastic (for the skin-tight look) and some plastic buckles.

Belt came from an army surplus store, which he dyed black with India Ink (not the greatest idea, because it rubbed off a bit and you can see the camera picked up the green underneath and not black), and the Black Widow logo on the buckle in just hot glue and red acrylic paint. Being a smaller person, though, you'll probably have less problems with finding a belt. He needed something proportional to his size (nearly 6 feet tall and 200lbs).

Boots were old horseback riding boots from his dad who used to be a mounted cop. However, it's definitely easier for us women to find knee high boots than it is for dudes, so I'm sure you won't have a problem.

Guns were old water pistols. He sawed off the fake "silencer" bits, and peacebonded some orange tape on the ends and handles. You can probably find handgun toys/water guns and paint black. Gun holsters are just black craft foam, heated with a heat gun, and pressed on top of the guns to mold. Cut away the excess, glue a strip on the back, and thread the leg straps through.

Widow's Bite bracelets were made from two old bullet belts, glued together and painted black. The ends attach with velcro.


SHIELD shoulder patches were craft foam. Printed the design on paper, used Xacto knife to cut the design out of an old CD case cover, then heated the foam and pressed the plastic into it to make the embossed look. It's just hot glued onto the shirt.

I think that's it. Let me know if you have questions.