Has anyone found love from a convention?

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  • Hey all,

    I saw a few ppl saying they met their girlfriend/boyfriend from a convention. I wondered if this was a common experience or a rare one? It would make sense you would find those of similar interests and such. Just wondered ppl's thoughts and experiences.

  • Hmmm...it's not terribly uncommon, but the likelihood of said relationship lasting longer is a bit more unlikely. Not that it DOESN'T happen, but it's rare enough to be almost non-existent :'D.

    Or so I've heard...it's mostly because during a convention, if you happen to meet someone you get along with, generally you'll talk about: anime, manga, cosplay, videogames, etc...but in the end you really don't know anything about that person save for what you happen to have in common. There's also the long distance factor, the person may live on the other side of the country. They could also turn out to be completely different outside the "convention atmosphere".

    Again, I'm not saying it doesn't happen...it's just, it's usually best not to actually go looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend.

  • Yeah, it does happen. But like Bailey said, it's not the best environment to go looking for someone.

    Personally, when I see a person actively flirting with me and asking if I'm single, it makes me very uncomfortable and I immediately try to find a way out because past experiences have told me that if I'm asked that question within the first 15-20 minutes of meeting someone that they aren't interested in 'just' being friends.

    If it's something you REALLY want to try to make happen though, see if your convention is hosting a Speed Dating event. Everyone attending is on the same page and you might end up meeting some interesting people.

  • Yup. Met my wife at Dragoncon in 2008.

  • A convention is just a place to meet someone, but the whole dating thing should happen outside of a con to really get to know each other. People aren't the same at a con as they are in normal life, at least thats what I think.

    I only had one experiance at a con, where someone tried to start flirting with me. It was awkward and I felt uncomfortable. Not only because its a weird way to start a conversation at a con, but also because I don't want to hear from strangers that my firstname would sound awsome together with their lastname.

  • Some conventions have Speed dating stuff. I've never been to one so I don't know how they are. But they do have those kinds of things.

    My other piece of advice is don't go actively looking for romance, just let it happen. Focus on making friends with lots of people more than a romantic relationship. The more people you know, the easier it will be for something to turn up. Asking someone on a date at a con just seems like a really bad idea.

    If someone did that to me, my first thought would be that they have bad intentions or are emotionally immature.

    Get good at making meaningful friendships WITHOUT romantic intentions. And just see where it goes from there.

  • I like what OddFoxxeP said. I think you can make a lot of good friends at a con, but I don't think you'll find love right off. Perhaps that friend will turn into a love interest later on, so in that context, some people can find someone at a convention, but I don't think it ever really happens intentionally. People find love in all sorts of places and events, and if it's an odd one, usually it just sorta happens.

  • Like other have said~ yes it happens, not often. I met my gf at a pre-meet, so if that counts? I dun know~
    I do know that all friends I have that have found love at a con, it has NOT lasted for more than a couple years. But that is not to say that relationships can't make it. I wouldn't go into cons looking for love however, cons aren't a dating scene. (some do have speed dating though.)

    Erm~ I don't think I added anything XD

  • hmm, I have a friend who I met trough cosplay who introduced me to my (now)boyfriend at a con.
    I think that yes you can find love at conventions, but it is no different from finding love outside a con. It just has to cross your path, it can be at a con, it can be when you trip on an elevator.

  • I have no idea how common it is, but I met my GF at a con. It went slow, maybe a year of "you go to the same cons, let's just hang out,"then a few months of hanging out just as friends , and then dating. I do know that some cons are also know for their awesome hookups. I will also admit that some dear friends of mine had one night stands at Dcon, and that I came close once.

    Don't go to a con expecting to find an SO or get some booty. That mindset is far too likely to leave you disappointed or make you look like a creep

  • I wasn't looking for a relationship, but I did meet my husband at DragonCon 2000. We're still nuts about each other 14 years later ^_-. It's awesome to be with someone who can appreciate geek culture with me, and we're raising our son to enjoy it as well!


  • I didn't meet my fiance at a convention but a convention is the reason we were able to talk and realize we liked the same things. He was taking a class from my mom who is a dog trainer with his puppy. And it had come up that he was going to the same convention as I was. At the time the most we spoke was when i was explaining an exercise to him and shy glances. So we began talking about what we would cosplay to the con, and I saw him once there (we didn't even talk) But we started dating because of it. It gave us a reason to talk and then expand about how much we have in common. We are getting married next year :)

  • I met my hubby through anime/ conventions although it was more the local anime club we both attended that got us together. Once we realized we liked the same things, we spent a lot of time together getting to know each other outside of our mutual geek.


  • Met my first boyfriend at comic con. Didn't really last, because we lived across the country, but it was fun while it lasted.

    And then my current girlfriend... didn't meet her on a con, but it's still a cute cosplay story. My then best friend and I cosplayed one of our favorite ships (Lucy Saxon/The Master from Doctor Who), a lot of people noticed how coupley we were acting but we brushed it off. Within a few months we'd both come out to each other... Then we started working on another couple cosplay (Kyousaya from PMMM), very adamant that even though we were both gay we didn't actually like each other and were just mutually lesbian friends. Costumes are basically done and we're dating now.

    tl;dr couple cosplay turned me into a lesbian and got me a girlfriend

  • Hm, I didn't meet him there, but my first date with my now-fiance was at a convention :)