Borderlands Cosplay

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#1 Enasni on 6 years ago

Will anyone be hosting a Borderlands photoshoot or cosplay group? I'll be going as Moxxi and would love to get pictures with people!

#2 JFBount on 6 years ago

Hey Enasni! I know on Friday I'll be going as Handsome Jack along with two of my friends (RebeliousDante as Axton and FantasyNinja as Moxxi). We were only planning on wearing it Friday though. Other than that I don't know of anyone else doing Borderlands this year. We had a great turnout last year so im hoping theres plenty of BL cosplay throughout the weekend!

#3 Phoenix57775 on 6 years ago

I wish I would've seen your post earlier because we had a whole group do Borderlands on Saturday (I was Handsome Jack). We did run into several Moxxis so perhaps you were one of them, we were the group with the giant claptrap. I may have some pictures so I'll try and post them in case you were in any of them.