Female roommates needed for Hyatt.

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#1 belligerent on 6 years ago

We had somebody back out on us, and they didn't say anything about it until yesterday. Currently we only have three people in the room staying the whole time. Two nights, there are an extra two people.

The room is at the Hyatt, which is convenient to the con and has free wifi. It is a double/double with couch, so plenty of room. Check-in is Thursday, check-out is Tuesday. Enjoy a leisurely Monday morning with no rush to check out! I'm flying back home Tuesday so I have the room until then. You're also welcome to leave stuff in the room on Monday until you leave.

The only real requirements I have are:

1. 18+ strongly preferred!!!! The people in the room are older (I'm the oldest and will be 32 at Fanime) and we don't want to come across as creepers, so we would prefer roommates over 18 (though this isn't required).

2. GIRLS ONLY. This is not negotiable. If you have to ask if your specific situation could be made an exception for, the answer is probably no, sorry.

I am charging a rate per night (based on number of people and number of nights they're staying) so if you only need a few nights, that's perfectly okay! Once I know the total number of people and total number of nights everybody is staying, I can give you an estimate of how much it will actually cost, but it shouldn't cost any more than $120 for all four nights (if you need to stay until Tuesday, though, you'd be splitting the last night with me, so it'd be more expensive, obviously. Right now I'm the only person who needs it five nights).

Room rules are basic common sense stuff, like respect other people and don't do illegal shit. There will probably be some drinking going on in the room by people who are of legal age, and we do plan on staying out late some nights, though this isn't a party room. If you're totally against drinking, however, this may not be a good room for you.

If you're interested, please message me here!

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