Amano style cosplay

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#1 PoshCrusty on 6 years ago

I decided that I'm going to attempt an Amano illustration style cosplay of Rydia, but I was hoping to get some tips from people who have done stuff like this before. How did you figure out how many yards of fabric to get? Did you drape the whole thing? Draft a pattern? Alter pre-existing patterns?

#2 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

The Amano style of Rydia looks awesome..

The way people figure out yardage for fabric would be the same way they would about ANY cosplay or any clothing item in general. They measure. You look at where things that drap would fall to in real life and take that measurement.

Like on draped things, you would get maybe a friend or someone to help you and you would figure out how far pieces fall to. Let's use her normal outfit as a reference since it has something easier. Take her sleeve..
In this picture you can see she has a hand on her hip. See how far her sleeve falls? It falls to the widest part of her calf. So put your hand in the same place, and measure from the top of your wrist to the same calf area. There ya go, that's the width of her sleeve at it's widest part. Then you would double that, and add seam allowance to get how much you need to make that one. To make things easier, take that full measurement and half it. This is how to make a patter. You don't need the full garment pattern if it's symmetrical. Then you put the halved piece on the fold. There's your pattern and your sleeve cut out.

For things like the drape thingy in the Amano version, you'd do the same. It comes from the back of the neck (the nape to be precise), so start measureing there, until you feel the need to stop at whatever length. The picture is cut off so you are free to imagine how long it is, but I personally thing dragging on the floor is too long..But that's just me..