Winry's Skirt

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#1 LinkPwnsGanon on 5 years ago

Can someone tell me what type of skirt this is that Winry is wearing? It's really bugging me and I wanna get started on this as soon as possible x3

#2 Azuraschampion on 5 years ago

Looks like a plain pleated miniskirt to me, except a bit shorter than usual. I love winry's design, its so simple, but still really nice looking.

#3 Renegadefeather on 4 years ago

It closely resembles a [URL=""]skater skirt[/URL]. I've used a few of the longer ones for cosplays, but they make mini ones. The ones I've ordered off amazon were really well made and inexpensive, if you don't wanna make it yourself. Hope this helps!