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#1 Jacecam32 on 6 years ago

How are cloaks Not a Fashion thing?! They feel so fricking EPIC! all warm and fuzzy (if done right) too! I want to wear one everywhere! Specifically my Fate Zero Rider Cloak :D [URL=""]Rider Cloak Beard and Hair[/URL]

P.S. I hate my hair being so long. the things I Do for cosplay.

#2 Rangiku12 on 6 years ago

Ahh Rider is my favorite! <3 but yeah cloaks are super fun and so king like. As much fun as fur stoles too. I get confused as to what a cloak is though..a cape or a coat or a mix of the two?

#3 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Honestly, with all this fantasy stuff being so "in" right now, I'm amazed they aren'

#4 figment1986 on 6 years ago

I need to get a new cloak made... I just love the way they flow... I borrowed my sister's to mess around with two of my cosplays during holiday matsuri... I loved it.

#5 Mangochutney on 6 years ago

They are in. Back in, actually, since they've been stylish before in a few different modes. There's the structured 40s-ish cape and the more poncho-style 60s cape, and there's always been various drapey wraps that might as well be capes because they cover everything and swoop in a very satisfactory manner.

It's a matter of finding/making one that doesn't look costumey and of wearing it with confidence. I have three vintage ones I wear kinda all the time, but I'd never wear my Catelyn Stark one outside a convention.

#6 Mangoloo on 6 years ago

IKR! Cloaks are AWESOME! Gotta love how they flow in the wind... so much epic win!

LOL you know what.. lets make it a fashion trend by just wearing cloaks at random places haha :D

#7 dolphinee on 6 years ago

I always love [U][URL=" no mago/Shoei3.jpg"]Shoei's red cloak[/URL][/U], that's really cool!

#8 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

Boyfriend and I are cloak and cape fiends. I've made, counting his, seven costumes with cloaks and am working on an eighth. This is my best one. [url][/url] (cost me $300 to make and over a hundred hours of hand embroidery)

#9 Asezuna on 6 years ago

I made mine just a week ago, and I LOVE it. It makes travelling on an escalator feel epic as it flaps and flows behind due to the wind. :D And since I put on it a good piece of fur as well, it is warm, too! (Perfect for others to warm their hands beneath the fur for the end is not sewn on.)
Plus, it made my friend's cosplay of Once Upon a Time Captain Hook costume look even more awesome, even though it was meant for my Loki cosplay, due to how cold fake leather can get in Winter. :D It's just so much win!

#10 siyrean on 6 years ago

sadly in Canada, cloaks don't cut it in winter, middle America, it is up to you now.

#11 Undertaker^^ on 6 years ago

why can cloaks not be more of a thing... they are just amazing!

#12 Cameron1138 on 6 years ago

I really want a furry cloak like what the members of the Night's Watch wear on Game of Thrones. Not for cosplay (I would sort of like to cosplay Jon Snow, but even if I'm ever able to grow facial hair like his it won't be black, and I really don't think I'm pretty enough for him anyway so I wouldn't be able to pull it off very well), just for wearing in the cold.

#13 Amanita on 6 years ago

I love wearing cloaks, I've got a gorgeous lightweight one my mom made, I should bring it out more often! I have happy memories of running around San Francisco in my black wool Jedi cloak, even walking the Golden Gate Bridge in it. And how I wished I had it on the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty this past November 3!

I know the hosts of "What not to Wear" would have a conniption, but cloaks have a certain grace to them that a regular jacket won't ever be able to compete with.

#14 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=siyrean;4800929]sadly in Canada, cloaks don't cut it in winter, middle America, it is up to you now.[/QUOTE]
I know... the cloak I mentioned is suede and chenille and is heavy enough to use as a blanket. ...but after October with any wind? COLD.

#15 Zeithri on 5 years ago

I recently made the decision to sell my trench coat ( second one I own ) and just make me a cloak instead. The Trench Coat is after all, the natural evolution of cloaks and capes as they serve the same purpose of protecting ones clothes. Now, I am sure I'll get snide remarks walking around with that on the street but it's not like I haven't gotten snide remarks for other clothes already so whatevs.

But hey, that's just how I feel about it and my decision!

As for if they're in or out, don't care.
My life and my wants is more [U]important[/U] than considering what others think of "fashion".