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#1 ~Sango-chan~ on 5 years ago

I am seriously surprised that there isn't already a thread on this (maybe there is, but I can't find it >.< ).

I hope to do at least one costume from this show. Read as: I want to do them all, but time + money + talent *sigh*

Mainly one of Madalena's final couple:

(this is the only decent "shot" of this one, and it is fanart) [url][/url]

I like that I will basically be able to use the same pattern for two different dresses (at least) XD

I am surprised there aren't more high res images somewhere. Anyone know any good sources?

#2 MedievalGirl on 5 years ago

I loved this show too and the costumes were well done. My husband teased me for drooling over a riveted chainmail hood and not noticing that Tony Head was wearing it. (I was the biggest Buffy fan ever for a while.)
My favorite was the red coat that Isabella was wearing when she first shows up.

#3 KissingJudas on 5 years ago

I'm in the process of making Madalena's purple dress for London Film and Comic Con (the second dress OP posted) and have loads of pictures I found on Tumblr, or SpoilerTV usually has the preview pictures which are pretty good.

As for patterns, I patched mine together using two or three separate patterns, but it seems like most of her dresses could use the same general one.

#4 ~Sango-chan~ on 5 years ago

@MedievalGirl: I did the opposite: I was fangirling over Anthony Head, I have only seen/heard him in a handful of things, but seeing him as Galavant's dad was PERFECT. I wish he had been there longer. I LOVE her jacket (and the dress) too!

@KissingJudas: Hey! When you finish it, be sure to show pictures! :D I would love to see it! That is what I thought as well (regarding the patterns), I will have to look around :)