First Display - Destiny Warlock need opinions

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#1 Hyndrays on 4 years ago

So I'm going to be doing my first cosplay and I have decided I would like to an end game Warlock from Destiny. I've seen a lot of the hunter ones but few warlocks.
Id like to find a way to replicate the soldier physique. I'm muscular but not the big bulky soldier muscular. If I can't replicate that, then oh well.
My main concern is the armor and clothing. If I we're to take say, a bulletproof vest or something and put that under the cloth, it would pass. Im thinking wonder plastic for the shoulders/gauntlets/boots.
I'm not sure how I should make the helmet AT ALL.

Lastly, how to make the hanging clothes past the waist not hang limp. They have a slight flare to it, but irl gravity doesn't work that way.