New to, need help with fabrics

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#1 Nicolielolie on 3 years ago

Hi! I'm new so I'm not too sure how this works yet. But I need some help picking out fabric for cosplay. I want to do ultimate madoka. Her skirt is somewhat shinny in some parts but I can't really tell if it matches her shirt. If someone could help me out that'd be awesome!! Thanks <3

#2 idleEscapist on 3 years ago

Welcome to! I would love to help out, as would many other people here, but first, could you please post a reference picture?

#3 Nicolielolie on 3 years ago

I don't know how to put one. Sorry ;-; but my refrence would be the real action heroes ultimate madoka.

#4 Magyarita on 3 years ago

Please add at least one reference picture so everybody knows what you're talking about. I know who Ultimate Madoka is, but not everyone else does.

EDIT: I see someone beat me to it. You can always copy and paste a link into a post.

#5 Nicolielolie on 3 years ago


#6 Synaster on 3 years ago

It looks like her shirt matches her... under skirt? Bottom skirt? I think you get the idea. But her outer sleeves look like they match the top skirt, which looks to have a very small hint of blue. The shirt and under/bottom skirt don't look as shiny as the top skirt and sleeves.

Does that help?

#7 DeathByPiano on 3 years ago

I was just looking at this figurine and thinking I wouldn't mind doing that cosplay.. Haha. I think I would use satin. A shiney one for the top two skirts, sleeves and underside of the skirts and a matte one for the bottom skirt and bodice.

#8 Nicolielolie on 3 years ago

Thank you! I was thinking that but it helped so much!! Aha now I don't have to buy fabric in fear lol

#9 ichigo_m. on 3 years ago

Yup I agree with satin! I used all satin when I made my Godoka~ (:

#10 Nicolielolie on 3 years ago

Oo awesome!!!! Thank you!!!