Sailor Mercury boots

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#1 h.robbins13 on 5 years ago

So I have seen on eBay some really nice looking boots for Sailor Mercury. [[URL=""]link[/URL]] I was wondering is anyone knows of a way better site to order from, if this is a excellent site to order from, or how to make easy and nice looking boots.. I am new at this boot cover or show making thing.
Your answers are greatly appreciated.

#2 Mr. Robot on 5 years ago

I think you've got a couple better options that are cheaper, don't require ordering from China, and probably better too. =)

If you're comfortable doing the ribbon on the top yourself, I'd recommend one of the following, depending on your preferred interpretation for accuracy and desire for comfort:



You can cut the shape for the top yourself, or if you don't mind not having the V in them you can just attach a white ribbon around the top and call it good. Personally, I got a pair of both for Mercury. The later are a bit more accurate IMHO, but also not comfortable like the block heels on the former, so I generally switch after my feet need a break. You could similarly afford both for the price of your link there.

For a premade option, I considered Catzia before deciding on doing it myself, which is also cheaper and saves the risk of ordering potentially oddly sized shoes from China:


Good luck with whatever you end up going with and have fun cosplaying Mercury! She is after all the best of them, in my completely biased opinion. :bigtu:

#3 AlaizabelCray on 5 years ago

Aww! I love Sailor Mercury! I had a Sailor Mercury doll growing up.

Anyway, I agree with Mr. Robot. Your best bet might be to look at Amazon for Catzia. You could also consider looking at costume shops in your area to see what they might have. I'm not sure where you live, but outside of Denver, we have a really nice costume warehouse that has the boots a lot of people use for Sailor Moon cosplays. Some of the more sophisticated costume shops have the boots that you could use and just do the ribbon on it yourself.

#4 Alyssa3467 on 5 years ago

I ordered from Catzia before I noticed the product description, which said "These are our Sailor Moon Deluxe red boots re-colored by hand in blue. Please note: the inside and some of the zipper may still show some red." I can't really complain [i]too[/i] much, since I should've researched more carefully, but you can definitely see red in some of my cosplay photos. (I bought the boots from their [URL=""]Etsy site[/URL], which doesn't mention the possibility of the red showing on the zippers at all.)

I ordered new boots from [URL=""]Capri Shoes[/URL] in Fullerton. You might be able to find places closer to you that do custom work. It's a pricey option, but I think the end result will look better, and my feet will be happier.

#5 ichigo_m. on 5 years ago

Yep! I use the first pair that Mr.Robot linked for both my Mercury cosplays. They aren't very comfortable, but they look really good. Be sure to slap in a good pair of insoles in them~

#6 h.robbins13 on 5 years ago

Oh wow! Yeah I have been looking all over eBay, didn't give Amazon a chance. On Etsy and eBay were two very similar shoes and I don't know if they stole the picture of what, but I found a bunch of tutorials (which I should have done in the first place) and just making them instead. I almost got scammed once, so I am kinda iffy. Thank you for listing sites and recommendations. I really do appreciate it.

I do agree. Sailor Mercury is the best one out of them all. =]