Youma Room Space at Ren Cen Thurs-Sun

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#1 TheNinthDragon on 4 years ago

I have a room at the Ren Cen with 2 double beds. I HAD 4 people, however two of them have bailed on me due to lack of cash. So there are now 2 spaces open.

There will be 2 female 23-year-olds in the room (myself and my friend Libby). I would prefer 21+, but it is not a requirement. There will be a max of 4 people in the room. We have one male, 22, who says he is going to send his first half (the amount to hold his spot) tomorrow. So one spot left.

It's $120 each for the weekend. The way I normally do it is 1/2 before the con and 1/2 before you enter the room. PM me if interested. I'll go by whoever messages first-the first half paypaled to me holds your spot.


#2 TheNinthDragon on 4 years ago

The room is full now.