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#1 pockyjin on 4 years ago

Hi everyone!

I'm planning on trying to get Yuki Yuna's hero outfit done before Otakon (July 24, 2015). I have a few ideas on how to do a few things, but since I only know basic sewing and very minimal craft foam working, i'm looking for advice on where to get started with most of this and suggestions on how to piece stuff together.

For those who aren't familiar with the character, here's a link to the outfit i'm trying to make


Ideas so far:

Headpieces: Will probably make out of craft foam. The front bang piece should be easy (in theory?) to attach a hair clip behind it so it stays. Painting a pink to white gradient on it might be tricky and any tips on painting craft foam would be helpful. For the flower, i'll also make out of craft foam so it keeps shape and attach fabric to it for the bow.

Chest Plate: Craft foam. I don't know how I would make it stay in place without falling since I don't intend to attach this directly to the outfit.

Fist guards: Craft foam with hinges so the part attached to my wrist can move.

Now it's the clothing and shoes part that I don't know where to start with.

Pants: Buy spandex shorts and cut and hem the cutout part in the front and sew pink fabric in. Any suggestions on fabric? I was thinking a pink stretch type.

The rest I have no idea about. Sorry about the really big wall of text, but if anyone could provide any advice on where to start with the actual clothes I would be forever grateful! :D

Looking forward to learning from you all!

#2 Jei-Cos on 4 years ago

Dang I wanna do this too but I also need have no idea what I'm gonna do..I can't wait for some answers..

I was thinking craft foam for the armor like parts too but idk..Cardboard has been nice to me, but I it might not shape like that around the body, and the arm ones need to have a LITTLE give to them, which craft foam has some give..

#3 TMLiza on 4 years ago

Yuna! :D

I agree with your idea for the shorts. The pink is going to need to be stretch in order to match up with the stretch in the spandex.

For her clothes, I watched the transformation sequence and it seems like there are two layers to her clothes. [url=http://youtu.be/fTlE331LyNo?t=1m14s]Here[/url] is the youtube clip of the transformation.(you might need to pause it right away as I stopped it on the right spot). Those weird clip things on her waist are probably there to hold up the long strip things(I have no idea what to call anything XD).

I would say go with cotton-based fabrics for the clothes. If you want to go all out, you could look into gradient dying to get the look hers does.

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