Failure to post a marketplace ad.

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#1 Master Null on 4 years ago

I recently deleted all my old marketplace adds to bring in some new ones. A month or so ago I posted a new ad, but I got a picture error and NONE of my images even loaded. I deleted that ad.

And just a few minutes ago I tried posting an ad, but it would not post it. I tried it twice. Clicked submit after all the info was placed, but it just took me to the posting ad page. Like I was going to start a new ad! The ad I had completed and submitted does not show up in my ads.

I need help resolving this issue.

#2 Admin on 4 years ago

Send me a PM and I'll check into it with you.

#3 LittleMissMaria on 4 years ago

I'm having this error show up when posting an ad in Commissions Wanted. I've posted a couple of ads in the past with no issue. Not sure why I'm having an error now. Any help is appreciated!

Error message:

Database error! Please report to System Administrator.

INSERT INTO cp_products (id,user,userid,cat,date,title,description,keywords,bigimage,bigimage2,bigimage3,bigimage4,bigimage5,bigimage6,approved,watermarked,ipaddress) values(NULL,'LittleMissMaria', 239525, 19, 1429196276, 'Angel Panty from Panty and Stocking', 'I\'m in need of Panty\'s Angel outfit for a con coming up in the beginning of June. I am need of it by no later than May 29. I just need the white skirt and top. I do not need any of the gold pieces, the hearts, wings, feathers, or petticoat. Please let me know if interested in taking this on and what the cost might be! [url][/url]'s_angel_form.jpg', 'Panty and Stocking Panty Angel', '', '', '', '', '', '', 1, '', '')