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#1 xIkuna on 2 years ago

Here's a reference: [url][/url]

So! She has pretty heavily styled hair, three buns in total, and a kind of square shape to it. What's a good base wig? I was thinking the chibi, but I'm unsure how to create the boxy style that it has, and the two long pony tails.

Any tips? Thanks!

#2 Scunosi on 2 years ago

In my wig-newb opinion you're going to have to choose between a short wig with add-ons or a long wig that you can heavily alter into this. If you go short I still don't think the Chibi is a good choice; the buns on that cosplayer you linked don't look "built-in," and I can't imagine how you'd build a bun up and of a thick head of hair underneath it.

If you go long I'd think either the Eowyn or Venus (or maybe the Natasha?) would work, depending on how long those tails need to be. That way the tails are essentially built-in, and you can use the extra hair to make the buns (which I'd imagine you would build like any bun/odango clip-on). You could also use some of the extra length to tease up the back a bit like the cosplayer you linked so it's fuller.

Going short I think will be trickier 'cuz it'll be harder to get all that bulk in the back. I'd look at maybe the Greta 'cuz you can straighten it for more length and then tease that in the back. You could then add the buns as clip-ons and use long wefts for the tails in the front.

Personally I think starting with the longer wig would make more sense, but like I said this is kind of all theorizing from me, I haven't done a wig with this much clipping and moving of hair before.

#3 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

As a complete wig-idiot, but a fair appreciation for hair (heh), I would point out to me that the hair itself looks like a Beatles/Spock bowl that's been squared off some and has the buns attached. So from that standpoint, it would make more sense to have a longer wig. I did check her page on the Avatar Wikia setup and found it mentioned as "modified Chinese ox horns" style. You might ask your usual hair stylist if they know how to do it and what they might charge to do it to your wig. Or can explain how to do it to you, since I can't find any Youtube vids for that one (which is really surprising).