Thermo forming equipment

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#1 Midnight Dawn on 8 months ago

As the title noted, I kind of need to use a vacuum thermo forming device. It's for a special mask I'm building and it's the only way it can be done.

Frankly I don't know any place in San Jose that has one for public use and won't charge an arm and leg just to use it once. Techshop would have been my usual go to place. However that place got closed down and I've been looking around for a place that has one.

Additionally, I would rather avoid trying to build the equipment myself or outright buying one.

If there are any alternate solutions I'm open for suggestions.

Thank you for your time.

#2 Kekewy on 8 months ago

Have you tried to find a Hackerspace in your area? They tend to have a lot equipment that's too expensive for one person to buy, but lots of people commonly use. Sorry I'm not familiar with the area or project enough to be more help. If you search Hackerspace San Jose you should find at least one, if not more.