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#1 Candycheetah on 10 months ago

Hi there everyone! Candy here. So a friend of mine has mentioned that Katsucon is not hosting shoots themselves this year. While I think this is not a good idea, I will do my best to once again handle the shoot listing for the entire con. I will do my best to accommodate everyone and work with everyone as much as I can. If anyone has suggestions of places to host shoots I do not mention, please let me know.

Alright down to the nitty gritty.


1) When submitting, please give me the fandom, location, time you would like, and the link to your event.

2)Slots are first come first serve and will be for hourly times only.

3)Be careful of your group size and where they would fit. If you think your shoot will have a large attendance, I would not recommend the Gazebo or the shop side of the fountain.

4)Please remember that you guys represent your fandoms. Don't get yourselves in trouble with con staff and be respectful of con goers and events that may be in your area. If a staff member ask to move, do as they ask so there won't be conflicts. We can work together so everyone can enjoy themselves.

5)If your time slot does not work, I will let you know. You will see your fandom on the list if the time has been accepted. If you have not specified a time or location you will not be on the list until you have given me that info.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

List of Locations:

Atrium side of fountain

Shop side of fountain

Gazebo Balcony


Carpet Hallway Past Gazebo/ Hallway Right in Front of Escalators

Patomac Ballroom Hallway

A link to the official schedule will be below!

#2 Candycheetah on 10 months ago


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