Mutiple cosplays for sale!

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#1 HikageMiyu on 5 months ago

Selling off cosplays I won't be wearing anymore as much as I love them. My measurements are 36-29-36, so it'll fit someone a little smaller, if not at that size.

Shipping is not included in the pricing and will depend on location. Willing to ship outside the US, but please note that it could cost more and the arrival time may take longer. If you buy multiple items, they can be shipped all at once. :) I accept PayPal. Once I receive payment, I will ship as soon as possible and will send you a copy of the receipt through PM.

I'm currently interested in these for trade, with the more urgent at the top:
Fate cosplays
Darling in the FRANXX Zero Two cosplay

If you have any questions, please send a direct message. Thank you!

Fullmetal Alchemist:
*** Ed cosplay: comes with red coat, top, and pants. Couldn't find the belt, but it was made of fabric and using a real brown belt makes it look so much better anyways. Shirt is stretchy, pants, not so much. This outfit was custom made to my size, so if you'd like a bit more detail, please PM.
--- Asking price: $50

*** Megumin cosplay: comes with dress, cloak, hat, belt, gloves, choker, and eye patch. Dress is short as it's made for my height (4'11"). Gloves are not exactly great but can be altered, if you like. Very breathable.
--- SOLD

Madoka Magica:
*** Kyoko Sakura cosplay: comes with red jacket, skirt, black top, boot covers, sleeves, and soul gem. There's a little area in one of the sleeves where the thread started to come loose, but should be easily fixed by hand or machine. I also have the wig for her that's heat resistant -- if interested, message me. Originally spent over $160 on everything.
--- Asking for $80 on outfit. With wig (comes with a bow): $100

*** Saber Alter wig: heat resistant wig I got from eBay. Only tried on a couple times. Selling because it doesn't fit my head due to the seller actually sealing it to a specific size (PM me for pics). Will include a half ball of foam for the bun. Asking for $10.

*** Pink thigh high stockings (new!): $5
*** Japanese school shoes: size US 6.5 - 7 womens. Selling because I got a size too big for me. Only tried on to see the fitting, otherwise it's new. Asking for $40.