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#1 WondererBailey on 4 years ago

So, these are just a few photo's I took at the Free! gathering at Newcon PDX 2016, that I'm particularly proud of. So I thought I'd see what kind of critique's they would get, and what suggestions others would have ^-^)/.


#2 StarsOfCassiopeia on 4 years ago

Nice job! You've got some nice composition and vibrant colors here. :) As a cosplayer, I'd be pretty happy getting these back from a big general gathering.

In a couple cases (the first three) you come dangerously close to cutting off the top of the model's head, or you do cut it off ever so slightly. Just zoom out a tiiiiiny bit or take a step back to solve that problem! I think it's fine in the 4th and 5th shots, because the cropping for the facial expressions is intentional. I really like the composition on the last two, and the first shot as well. Shot #2 might be improved by shifting the model a little more to one side of the frame.

Another thing is the focus, though it might also be camera shake-- your two inside shots are a little blurry (Makoto's hand, Rei's chin, etc). Make sure your focus is correct, and hold your camera in a way that helps reduce shaking (for example, upper arm tight to your side). Sometimes it's a cool effect, but in this case it's affecting important parts of the model.

#3 WondererBailey on 4 years ago

Thank you!

And now that I look at them again, yeah I totally see what you're talking about! Thank you so much for your input, it really helps. I probably wouldn't have noticed some of that ^-^)'

#4 WonJohnSoup on 4 years ago

I think the biggest suggestion from what I see is to try focusing on getting a cleaner background before getting the foreground setup. The best shots were the close ups for me, and I'm sure part of the reason is that being close up takes away distracting backgrounds.

Some of the compositions show great solid potential and I think they're not bad!