Any teens/young adults in australia?

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#1 narcia14 on 3 years ago

Are there any teenagers/young adults here? I'm looking for some cosplay friends!! :)

#2 Herring on 3 years ago

I don't know if I count as young anymore :(
But you might have more luck if you narrow down your search a bit, we do live in kind of a big place ;)

#3 TwilightLink64 on 3 years ago

is 15 an ok age :)

#4 Drenik74 on 3 years ago

I live near Brisbane :) I'm 23 though, dunno if that's too old for what you're looking for.

#5 mikasso on 3 years ago

It's so hard finding cosplay friends in Australia, let alone in your area :(

#6 ErinParker__ on 3 years ago

Im 16 and located in NSW

#7 Akumuu on 2 years ago

I am 13 (I know I'm young -.-) And I am located near Melbourne!

#8 MatoMiku1284 on 2 years ago

I'm 17 and I'm located in NSW (Metro Sydney)

#9 geekette on 2 years ago

I'm 15 from south west Sydney (0 U 0)