Owari No Seraph Cosplayers Ohayocon 2017

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#1 sassykohai on 2 years ago

Hey everyone going to ohayocon in 2017! My cosplay group Snack Pack Cosplay performed a Seraph skit in the masquerade last year and we are looking to perform a new one this year that requires as many different characters as possible. If anyone is going and cosplaying Seraph on Saturday evening please let me know! No one has to do anything they are not comfortable with. We prerecord our audio and if anyone is not comfortable recording one of us can record the vocals for their part for that character to lip sync to, we've done this before!

Also, if we cannot get enough cosplayers for this performance we are going to do a different, smaller performance we wrote and in that case, we are only looking for a Guren cosplayer to add to our group for the masquerade. Please let me know if you cosplay Guren or any other Seraph characters!

Thank you!!:)

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