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#1 wolfmanyoda on 3 years ago

Engineers and airship pilots are very common characters in the world of steampunk, but what about artists? Artist as in "dude with actual brushes and paint and his job is to make art".

I'd like to be a steampunk artist for the next con. I have some ideas for making brush holders and small jars of paint but it would be nice to see some examples of other steampunk artists. Surely I can't be the first, there are no more original ideas.

The problem I have is that no matter what search terms/phrases I put into a google image search it always spits out pictures of steampunk art and no examples of artists in steampunk attire.

Has anyone seen a steampunk artist so I can be inspired?

#2 tiredbunny on 3 years ago

I think this is really great idea!

Here's an awesome steampunk painter's bracer: [url][/url]

And someone's concept for a female steampunk artist: [url][/url]

Just an idea: wear a bandolier across your body but filled with tubes of oil paint colors instead of bullets.