Choosing fabric for Gaige cosplay

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#1 uniprawn on 1 year ago

Okay, so I really want to make a Gaige cosplay, but I have no idea what fabrics to use.
Reference here: [url][/url]
I've got as far as deciding the t-shirt needs to be made of red stretch jersey, but that's about it! I'm pretty much a novice at sewing, so I'm looking for fabrics that balance accuracy with not being an absolute pain to work with. I will also need to use fabric paints to do the cartoony shading - don't know if that affects what fabrics I can use. Any advice on this would be much appreciated!
(also, I'm sorry if this is meant to go in the fabric choice sticky, I saw that was a bit dead at the moment so I made separate thread as I'm a little time limited)

#2 DlGlT on 1 year ago

Youre links broken, but I'm assuming you mean Gaige from borderlands?

#3 uniprawn on 1 year ago

[QUOTE=DlGlT;5064764]Youre links broken, but I'm assuming you mean Gaige from borderlands?

Yep, thanks:)

#4 Penlowe on 1 year ago

The tee shirt is a tee shirt and covered with both surface effects (paint, etc.) but also other garments. There is no need to work from scratch on that specific element, especially if you are a novice sewist.

The vest I'd look for a used one that is close (maybe a hoodie with sleeves) and work those new sewist chops by tinkering with the pockets, collar, possibly removing sleeves and other small details. Why? partly to make it easier on yourself, but nothing coveys age and wear like real age and wear. Plus the up front cost is much lower.

You can possibly buy striped leggings, and if not get white and use fabric markers to fill in the black stripes (again, wear and tear is handy).

This leaves you making from scratch the skirt. As it's big trapezoidal sections, it won't be too hard to pattern out. I'd use a heavy trigger or twill (like, maybe backpack or tote bag thick/ tough) to make it hold up to the design, but also the wear and tear you need to apply to get that overall post-apocalyptic look.

#5 DlGlT on 1 year ago

I'd almost say denim could work for the skirt, too.