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#1 Jularxene on 2 years ago

There isn't an updated thread yet so I will go ahead an start one I suppose. I'm just going to copy and paste the layout that was made last year.

Seeking a Room/ Spot
Name / Age / Gender (introduction):
Hotels you would like to stay:
Affordable rates you prefer:
How long are you staying:
Where are you coming from:
Where do you prefer to stay:

Looking For Roommates
Name / Age / Gender: Juju, 25 (26 at con), female.
Hotel your offering: Freehand Los Angeles
Hotel rates: $250 per person (3 bed spots)
How long are you staying: July 4th - 8th (day 0-4)
Where are you coming from: Santa Clarita, CA
Who do you prefer to stay: 21+ if you plan on drinking.

Requirements: Must pay via paypal/squarecash or in person at least 2 weeks prior to avoid bailing. Be nice and courteous. If you come in stumbling and puking at 3am then get your stuff and leave, [U]no refund[/U]. If I come back to a mess everywhere and party without my consent, same outcome. Try to make bathroom time no longer than [U]30 mins[/U] unless you're the last one getting ready of course. Other than that, if you're chill and [U]420 friendly[/U] we will get along :) since all of my beds are separated, it's best for friends traveling in big groups or solo goers just wanted a sleeping space to yourself. Couples might find it a little awkward but it's up to you!

Amenities: This room has 4 twin beds but I am keeping one bed vacant to help keep things uncrowded, it will where my cosplay items will go since I tend to carry a lot and my boyfriend and I will be sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. I always provide snacks and drinks to share, however if there is something you bring and don't want shared don't be shy and say so it's k :) Typically I try to get to bed [U]no later than 1-2[/U], sometimes earlier tho depending on next days schedule. Please, shower, deo, and just chill vibes! I love this place because it's clean and decently priced.

I also cosplay and have no problem helping, this is my 14th AX so I am very familiar to this all. Any questions you have feel free to ask as well. Thanks guys hope to meet you soon!

#2 sicdedman on 2 years ago

Seeking a Room/ Spot
Name / Age / Gender (introduction): Shane, 35, Male. I am hardly in the room except to Sleep,Shower and I don't take up much space. I am rather shy and a quite person.
Hotels you would like to stay: JW Marriott (if possible) or anywhere close walking distance.
Affordable rates you prefer: $300-$400
How long are you staying: Day 0 - Day 4 (July 4-8)
Where are you coming from: Temecula,Ca
Where do you prefer to stay: JW Marriott
Requirements: I do not party,smoke or do drugs of any kind. I have nothing against people that want to have fun and drink, but not fall down drunk. So more or less a Party free room...

#3 Celegdir on 2 years ago

Name: Yuuichi
Hotel: Hotel Indigo
Nights Booked: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (4 nights)
Price: $450 (bed) (Full convention, no per night rates)
Availability: 1 bed

Requirements of Roommates:
Age: 18+
Alcohol: Okay as long as not interrupting roommates and neighbors
Sleeping habits:Lights Out and Quiet from 12 Midnight to 6 AM

Email: [email][email protected][/email] - Please title email with "AX 2018 RS"

Description of Myself: I am a 23-year old male who will be attending Anime Expo for the fourth time.


Why is your rate so [email protected]$#ing expensive?
I try to maintain a humane rooming situation for everyone. Also, hotel rates have been increasing over the past few years due to the increasing attendance of AX and limited hotel space.

What do we do about food (water)?
I am planning a buy-in pool of water and basic snacks to help keep everyone hydrated and somewhat satiated during the convention. I will also try to schedule optional group meals so we can all meet, sit, relax, and eat. No one has to attend, but it is a great way to meet other fans and make friendships. I will do my best to avoid major gatherings and events when scheduling them.

Is there a Girl/Guy Only room?
Sadly, I need to make rooms co-ed to ensure room costs are fully covered. I will ensure beds are single gendered and will create single gender room when possible.

What is your cancellation policy?
I understand life happens and unexpected things pop up. I'd appreciate if you can decide if you're cancelling by the end of May. I'll accept your cancellation up to a week before the convention. However, it's very hard to guarantee a full refund within two month of the convention. The reason for this is there's other people counting on everyone paying their fair share. A single missing person per room increases everyone's cost by as much as $120.

-Any other questions, please feel free to ask via my contact information.

#4 sasukegirl5 on 2 years ago


Name / Age / Gender: Kaela / 25/ Female also my friend Christian is running the room.
Hotel: JW Marriott
Hotel rates: $$$
How long are you staying: July 4th - July 9th
Where are you coming from: Inland Empire
Space Available: 3 (only floor space)

Requirements: Good Hygiene! (Please shower regularly! Use deodorant, brush your teeth, keep your things together and your sleeping area clean.) No Drugs, this is also a non-smoking room (no vaping in the room, no cigarettes, no weed sorry). This room is 18+ No Exceptions (if possible we would like to keep it 21+ because we do drink but we will not be letting anyone under the age of 21 drink.) if you are a parent bringing a under age child with you please do not get in contact with me. There will be ZERO tolerance for any kind of drama! This is a fun drama free room! (If you are causing drama you will be asked to leave and you will not receive a refund.) if you are going to drink please provide your own alcohol and please know your limit (we do not want to babysit you and we do not want people drinking till they get sick). Payment will be do in advance not when you arrive. (To keep things running smoothly with the hotel room and check in you will need to pay in advance before the convention for the simple reason everyone shows up at different times and different days.)

Amenities: Me and my friend have been running rooms together for the past 5 years, everyone that stays with us always has a great time! We do not book through the AX website because of all of the AX rules they have. We do book a Junior Suite (which is a really big room), please keep in mind that since we do not book through the AX site and we book a much bigger room we do not get the AX discount on our room so we are paying full price. We provide Drinks (soda, water, juice) and food (sandwiches and snacks) which is already included in the room price. We always have tons of anime and video games in the room. You are more the welcome to tag along with me or my friend during the convention if you want too, we want to make sure no one in our room feels singled out. If you ever have any issues don't hesitate to get ahols of Christian or myself.

Other Information: We are a very loud room, we like to have fun and most nights we sont wnd up going to bed till around 3-5 am. But if you can sleep with all the noise and lights on you're more than welcome in this room! If you cant sleep with a lot of noise then this room probably isnt for you, again were here to have fun so we dont want people complaining or getting mad about us being noisy all night. We do ask that your bring what you will need to be comfortable since there is only floor space in this room (bring your own pillows, blankets, showering towls, shampoo whatever els you shower with daily.) Thats all for now I cant wait to get a awesome group of people to fill up the room this year!!! Lets make this an awesome 2018 AX!!!

Contact: please contact me via email if interested because I probably will not check my nessages on here!! [email][email protected][/email] (please put something regarding the AX room in the subject line) also please specify age and gender when contacting me.

#5 hachimitsu-ink on 2 years ago

Seeking a Room or spot or.. Look I know someone out there has a hotel room and I just wannt join in....

Name: Hachimitsu

Age: 36? ( Lost tracking age after 30 something)

Gender (introduction): Male

Hotels you would like to stay: JW MARRIOT (At least as close to the convention... PLEASE READ WHY)

Affordable rates you prefer: Negotiable but don't expect $2xx.xx

How long are you staying: July 4th - July 9th (I think)

Where are you coming from: San Francisco.....Mission District...(What?.. you expect I live in Berkeley?..)

Where do you prefer to stay: JW MARRIOT (At least as close to the convention... PLEASE READ WHY)

MY Own Requirements:
I Just got accepted to Anime expo Artist Alley Administration and I May need to request a room... I don't know how I am going to pull this off but I have Fanime com to deal with for this to happen.
IF I can get this to go through then I will have to plan Very heavily from Rail arrangements to Accomodations to food and such!.. I hope i have enough income from then on, but I am heavily banking this on Fanime con. I know Fanime con will Garnish as much income as possible.. but at this point I am trying my best to get this resolve within these steps.
I Know I wont have enough money (I am also inviting my sister so expect +2) But I do hope it will happen.
THe goodnews is I do gain a revenue over $500, but i need to split that for rooms / Travels / Food.

I am an artist whos artistic skill is somewhat ..okay..I mean I am no scott campbelle, but reason I am going is because there is a person I HIGHLY idolized and I want to meet him in person.. I couldn't do it last year because of the solar eclipse. If you do plan on wanting me in.. I would greatly apprecaited.
THings I will be bringing
"Suitcase to house my convention materials"
"Laptop Backpack"
"My sisters suitcase"
If i had to guess I am betting 4-5 of bags/cases and or stuff!..I know we will are willing to share food with you whoever we pair up with.

Again I really apologized for my comments and such but I am kinda having a panick about preparing this this early... It was meant for Fanime con.. but now that I know someone is visiting..I Want to see them hopefully soon ;_;!

#6 KontrA187 on 2 years ago

Looking For Roommates (had one drop out)
jake / 33 / male
Hotel your offering: la downtown
Hotel rates: $160 per floor space
How long are you staying: July 4th - 9th (day 0-5)
Where are you coming from: 2 from colorado, 2 from cali so far, 2 spaces left
Who do you prefer to stay: we get along with almost everybody, we're a really laid back but sociable group, this is my 14th year if you have any questions lemme know

#7 klmedia on 2 years ago

Space available for 2 roommates at Residence Inn

June 5 update: Room full. Have fun at Anime Expo!

It's almost time for Anime Expo!

As usual, there's gonna be lots of guests and events, so you wanna make sure your accommodations experience is hassle-free and conveniently walking-distance close to the convention center.

Our group has room for 2 more roommates at the Residence Inn hotel. This is prime location, right across from JW Marriott hotel. Either guys or girls are OK, most of us are late-20's/early 30's. We're clean, responsible, easy to get along with, and like to have a good time at conventions. Every pays their fair share, we don't overstuff the room, no need to worry about not having a wristband or room key :)

Hotel: Residence Inn LA Live (across from JW Marriott)
Check-in: Wednesday, July 4(Day 0)
Check-out: Sunday, July 8 (Day 4), not staying overnight after convention ends
Total of 4 nights

Simple common-sense rules:
- Be responsible and respect other people's things / costumes, and don't steal
- Be clean hygienic, shower, NO SMOKING in the room
- We don't mind if you stay up late, or drink lightly
- Don't bring a shiton of strangers back into the room for a room party (we're not sticklers if you bring a friend in to chill out)

--- Contact ---
If you're interested, feel free to email me at: [email][email protected][/email]
give a brief info about yourself and a Facebook link (I don't need an essay, lol)
(Don't send me a PM on Coscom - notifications don't work properly and messages get delayed)

Thanks. See you at Anime Expo!

#8 AdamDragonHero on 2 years ago

[b]Found a room [/b]
My name is Adam, I'm 26, and I have been attending Anime Expo since 2009 (only missing 2016).
I would prefer to stay at a hotel that's close to the convention center.
Any rate
I'm staying for all days of the convention, including day 0.
I'm coming from Ventura, CA.
I would prefer a non smoking room.
I like to stay clean and organized, I won't touch anyone's belongings, and I will keep my belongings out of the way.

#9 MerQ on 2 years ago


Hiya I'm Kevin, this will be my 5th year attending AX. I'll be rooming with one of my friends (M/23). Looking for two maybe three roommates.

Name / Age / Gender: Kevin/25/M

Hotel your offering: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Downtown (Two Queen beds)

Hotel rates: $250 max

Space Available: 2 or 3

How long are you staying: July 4 (Check-In: 3:00 PM) - July 8 (Checkout July 8: 12:00 PM)

Where are you coming from: San Diego

Who do you prefer to stay: Any gender but must be 18+

Requirements: Non-smoking room, drinking is fine if you are of age. Please be hygienic, don't make a mess, please be mindful of everyone else in the room, respect each other's belongings, common sense sort of stuff.

Payment: Paypal or Venmo. Ideally about a week before the convention.

Contact: Please PM or email me at [email][email protected][/email] with the subject 'AX 2018 Hotel' if you're interested or have any questions.


#10 Honey Lemon on 2 years ago

#11 Mucai on 2 years ago

Looking for room

Arriving Wednesday July 4 (day 0), departing Sunday July 8 (day 4).
Prefer Courtyard/Residence Inn, JW, Luxe or Ritz Carlton.

Coming from [url][/url] :)

My 4th AX.

#12 Crashingdemise on 2 years ago

Needing to give away my AX room
Hotel: Omni
The whole room is $935 including tax
July 4th-8th
King sized bed

#13 seerakosumosu on 2 years ago

[color=#0000cd][b]Hotel: [/b][size=16]JW MARRIOTT
[b]Room Type:[/b] Standard rooms with two double beds or king bed
[b]Days Booked:[/b] Days 0 - 4, July 4 - July 8
[b]Spaces Left: [/b][b]1 space[/b] at [color=#ff0000][b]$350 for bed*[/b][color=#0000cd] or [color=#ff0000][b]$280 for floor[/b]
[color=#0000cd]* There will be two people/double or three/king bed so you are sharing with someone.
[b]Preference:[/b] 18+ required. Minors are accepted with conditions
Only courteous roommates need apply! There will be a female-only room and a co-ed room.

[i][b]. . . looking for an experienced room head?[/b][/i]
I'm a female! I've been attending AX since 2003 and this is my 11th year running hotel rooms in DTLA. Previous years have been a blast and many roommates are returning. I'm looking for some great new roommates to round out the rooms. It's always a ton of fun with a mixture of old and new faces. Current roommates' ages run the gamut from 18 - 35.

[i][b]. . . looking for a no-headaches room?[/b][/i]
I do charge a small overhead in case of cancellations, damages, or theft. You will not pay any more than stated here and you only need to worry about your spot (but be prepared to pay for any damages you make). I take care of everything else, such as any hotel or roommate issues.

[i][b]. . . looking for a great group to hang out with?[/b][/i]
There will be a Day 0 group dinner for the roommates to get to know each other. In the past we have dined at famous local eateries and even had catered buffets just for us at a downtown Asian restaurant. There have also been group outings to nearby museums.
We also split up and meet again at various events throughout the con according to our interests.
** Are you a foodie? Come join me in eating across downtown and at the food trucks. The food truck lot at Anime Expo was originally my idea.

[*][color=#0000cd][i]No damages, theft, or additional charges to the room without permission[/i]
[*][color=#0000cd][i]Shower daily[/i]
[*][color=#0000cd][i]NO smoking but minimal drinking is fine - no parties allowed[/i]
[*][color=#0000cd][i]Avoid inviting guests back to the rooms[/i]
[*][color=#0000cd][i]Don't stay out past 3 am as we all need sleep.[/i]
[*][color=#0000cd][i]Please practice basic common courtesy.[/i]
[color=#0000cd]** I've never had this happen but if you do cause problems, you will be kicked out of the room without a refund and you will be liable for any and all damages.

[b]Payment: [/b][i]must be received ASAP. Your spot isn't reserved until paid in full[/i]
Accepted forms of payment are online transfers using BofA, Chase, other banks that use Popmoney, or Venmo.
[color=#0000cd][b][u]NO PAYPAL![/u][/b]

[b]Contact: [/b]seerakosumosu[at]gmail[dot]com
[color=#0000cd]1. Please use the subject [color=#0000cd][b][u]"AX 2018 Room"[/u][/b][color=#0000cd] so that your email doesn't get misdirected.
[color=#0000cd]2. Don't forget to include a link to your facebook, twitter, or some type of online identity and also include a bit of information about yourself, such as age, gender, and hobbies.

[color=#0000cd]Please follow the contact rules. I won't respond to PMs, or emails without the requested info.

#14 Hiroto Sumi on 2 years ago

Never mind

#15 NekomancerEllie on 2 years ago

Looking for roomates
Hotel is double tree for thursday-sunday
2 queen beds
$200 share
Both genders are welcome.
Everyone will get a bed spot since I will be bringing an air mattress
Basic common rules will be established in conversation.
Down payment must be paid to reserve spot
Please email [email][email protected][/email] or message me on Instagram at jade.rabbit.cosplay if you are intrested