black leotard character..

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#1 muckypup on 2 years ago

so I have acquired a full body black leotard ('twas too cheap to pass up!):crylaugh:

I'm thinking I should work this into to a costume, since it's not really my husbands "thing":rofl:
I'm not really interested in leaving it as is, so characters like black widow, cat woman etc arent what I'm looking for.

my first thought was using it as the base for Purple Heart from Hyperdemension Neptunia.

Just wondering if anyone had any other ideas?:D

#2 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

I think it'd work well for that, or Black Heart. Otherwise....nothing really comes to mind honestly. Well, the usual setups like Black Cat/Catwoman/Black Widow, but you already discouraged those.

#3 muckypup on 2 years ago

Yes I guess black heart would work too. I enjoy sewing so that’s why i was looking to steer away from costumes that wouldn’t require much remaking of the catsuit.
Thanks for the response :)

#4 giraffegirl5 on 2 years ago

Raven from teen titans (this version) would be perfect

#5 jerseycaligirl on 2 years ago

#6 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago