Cosplaying as a customizable game avatar

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#1 Tetris Gate on 2 years ago

I don't mean characters where you're only able to change clothes (eg Link in BoTW), but characters where you can change their face, body etc. Say I want to cosplay as Shepard from Mass Effect, or grab a few friends together to cosplay our GTA avatars, or even my own Animal Crossing villager. Is this looked down upon?

I know there'll be less recognition than if I were to cosplay their default designs, but I'm only in it for the fun of it. I know in the end the only opinion that matters is mine, but I'd like to hear what y'all think.

#2 TMLiza on 2 years ago

I've done a couple of cosplays like this. :) I think it's a ton of fun but like you said, there probably will not be any recognition. I've seen people cosplay Shepard in the past so this idea isn't unique. :)

I've also never heard any stories of it being looked down upon, although in my experience, for some reason the God Eater player character seems to be one people are, "Meh" about. (I really have no idea why...)

#3 ShinobiXikyu on 2 years ago

The nice thing I've found about doing customizable avatar cosplays, is I can skip a wig and use my own hair which both saves money and time, so they're great for when I work Artist Alley, no annoying wigs to deal with. And I've never had trouble being recognized when doing a casual Shepard and Skyrim costumes using my own hair and facial features. If you've still put enough work in to make it look like you've done more than just "Eh, I'll just go as myself and call it a costume" (I'm not familiar with most of the games you listed, so this is assuming it's one of the "fine line between costume and normal clothes" characters where some people might not even realize it's a costume if they're not familiar with the source), nobody whatsoever will have a problem with it. Being recognized depends mainly on the outfit if it's a customizable character; nobody cares what you look like for hair/eyes/shape etc. but if they recognize the outfit/props and think it's well made, you'll probably get noticed.

#4 Jei-Cos on 2 years ago

Totally not frowned upon. In fact, I'll be doing this at some point with my character from Sword Art Online Hollow Realization.

#5 StarsOfCassiopeia on 2 years ago

Even when doing something customizable, you can be recognized! Just keep with the style/aesthetic of the game.

Eg, for Animal Crossing, maybe do an "iconic" outfit (like the Tom Nook training t-shirt that everybody gets at the start of the game) or have props that make it really clear (like something with the classic AC leaf shape on it). For Shepherd, the armor is pretty recognizable on its own, and if you've got a big "N7" on you it's gonna be really clear that you're from Mass Effect.

I've seen people do the cosplays above, WoW, Skyrim, and a dozen other things. By picking out some iconic elements/props and making sure that any parts they designed themselves stick with the media's original aesthetic, they got a lot of love at cons!

#6 Lindiranae on 2 years ago

I cosplay my Grey Warden and Inquisitor from Dragon Age, and get recognised a fair bit by other fans of the series. It helps that I wear the Wardens' most iconic armour from the series (which isn't even in the first game unless you use a mod) but my Inquisitor just wears the in-game armour that I use most often.

I guess it depends on whether it would bother you to not be recognised on the same scale as someone cosplaying something more popular, such as Deadpool. I get a lot of lovely comments on my costumes and makeup, followed by an apology for not knowing who I'm supposed to be :D and I don't often get asked for photos by families, whereas most Disney cosplayers I know can't go ten feet without being asked to pose with kids, but I do get chased down by other DA fans and cosplayers for photos, and I try to get to the cosplay meets when I can, which tends to be where I get the majority of photos taken.

The appeal for me is being able to customise the character however I'm comfortable on the day. I can use my own hair or a wig, and style it how I like, or wear coloured contacts or not. I nearly always wear the Dalish vallaslin tattoos on my face and throat, but depending on how much time I have to prepare, the rest of my makeup can be more natural or dramatic.

#7 TunaSpleen on 2 years ago

Again with the "BioWare makes some pretty distinctive styles" because I have a set of mage!Trevelyan and Shepard N7 costumes that can be recognized by anyone familiar with either series. Mass Effect is glaringly obvious but with Dragon Age I had to be sure to make the Inquisition symbols clean and obvious and I made the Magister's Staff (the double helix dragon one) precisely because it's one of the most iconic items in the series. Several years ago I saw a girl dressed as a Dalish elf at my hometown's Renaissance faire (DAII was still new at the time) and I was literally the only one to recognize her because she wore the default elf outfit, her vallaslin markings were the dead giveaway. If you want to be fully accurate to your actual avatar then go nuts, but if you want to be recognized and have lots of pictures taken then sadly you do have to kind of pander to the few things people remember the most.