Liliana Vess Cosplay

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#1 arijahn on 3 years ago

Hello! If anyone is interested I recently made an Eldritch Moon Liliana cosplay and recorded the process if anyone is looking for Magic: The Gathering cosplay tutorials:

Liliana Vess Cosplay Tutorial Masterpost:

Part 1: Bracelets: [url][/url]

Part 2: Cape: [url][/url]

Part 3: Corset: [url][/url]

Part 4: Bodice: [url][/url]

Part 5: Gloves: [url][/url]

Part 6: Belt: [url][/url]

Part 7: Skirt: [url][/url]

Part 8: Boots: [url][/url]

Part 9: Headdress: [url][/url]

Part 10: Neckpiece: [url][/url]

Part 11: Chain Veil: [url][/url]

Bonus: Graveyard Photoshoots: [url][/url]