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#1 MilkyMaze on 3 years ago

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So this is my first time going to a convention any tips??

#2 X.A.V.I on 3 years ago

You should cosplay! :)

#3 MahoNaito on 3 years ago

U gonna have a great time I ashore u :D
Tips....... Don't ruin your economic. Cuz u gonna

#4 angel2162 on 2 years ago

Easiest thing to say is to go with no major expectations!
Also AnimeFest is the more family friendly and laid back con, you take your time and enjoy!

*Never feel like you have to cosplay to meet people, and if you are in cosplay, don't compare your costume to others.

*Walk around and talk to folks; unless you're awkward like me, then go to panels and have small talk with the person next to you if you can.

* GO TO THE PANELS! for the most part, you're paying for them, so go to them. you can learn of all new things you like or just kill time and feel like your cash was worth it.

*bring snacks in advance! (i always ask my hotel roomies to bring one food item for the room, and it saves us boodles of cash)

*Have a portable charger! you can get them really cheap on amazon! if you don't have one or cant get one, then just bring a charger and entertainment that isn't your phone.

Cons can be fun if you have friends for the "stall times" but if not, just walk around and see what fun activities are taking place!

= 3=)b
I am late to the thread party, but i hope your a-fest is a blast and all that jazz! *throws sparkles*

#5 Lithonius on 2 years ago

[QUOTE=MilkyMaze;5028145][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][/FONT]
So this is my first time going to a convention any tips??[/QUOTE]

We need to know more.


[b]Are you going with/meeting friends?[/b]
Cons are in general more fun when you're with a group of people you can pal around with, whether it's attending panels, laughing hysterically together during a screening of [i]Summer Wars[/i], or just slumping down against the wall in a hallway to catch your breath for a few minutes.

[b]Are you cosplaying?[/b]
Cosplay can be a great way to meet people, even if you might not ever see them again after this weekend. Of course, there's this Internet fing, so we all really [i]could[/i] keep in touch if we tried harder. Seriously, though, meeting other people cosplaying from your show, or just who are fans of your show or your cosplay can really open doors.

[b]Do you have enough money for or a supply of food?[/b]
Lissen ta [b]angel2162[/b]. Don't forget to eat. When you see the girl dressed as [url=]Sasha Blaus[/url] hungrily wolfing down her potato on Saturday night, you know she miscalculated. Being [i]from[/i] Dallas gives you an advantage because you know where to go and you can easily bring along some of your own food. We pack a picnic for a meal or two, but dining in the area can be an experience worth the price.

There's a huge food court across the street at the Plaza of the Americas, and you will find food trucks parked outside the Sheraton making money hand over fist all day long. Additionally, we always reserve one meal for eating at Carmines Pizzeria; just remember they're closed on Sunday.

[b]Are you ready to explore?[/b]
Look at the little booklet and map that they give you. There's no concert this year, but that doesn't mean there isn't a [i]ton[/i] of things to do all day, every day:

[list][*]Panels[*]Anime Screening Rooms[*]Shopping Artist's Alley/Dealer's Room (remember to leave enough money for food!)[*]Cosplay Contest (being held at The Majestic this year)[*]Art Auction (it's fun to look at, even if you can't afford to buy)[*]Boardgames Room (especially fun with friends!)[*]Video Arcade[*]Battletech Pods[/list]

It's a drive for us all the way over in Fort Worth, but we intend to go most of Saturday and Sunday.