Crotch seam in a jumpsuit

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#1 sadievic on 2 years ago

Hi. Im making a jumpsuit and am nearly finished with it, however, im kinda confused. Do you put both right sides facing each other, or one right side and one wrong side? Also do i sew up both the sides of the jumpsuit? The instructions i have in the guide dont really help out at all. Many thanks in advance

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

In general, right sides together. If you can post an image or link to the specific instructions so we can explain exactly what they mean, it'll help

#3 sadievic on 2 years ago

Found out how to do it :) thanks for the reply though

#4 luckystarday on 2 years ago

Jumpsuit you need to control it well with your tops and the pants.