How to do this spiky ponytail..thing..

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#1 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

I'm cosplaying my created character from Sword Art Online Hollow Realization, and I had to go and pic the freaking hardest hair style to do..
Here's a few images:
As you can see, it's a ponytail, but like, really really oddly spiked.

I was going to use the Jeanie wig from Arda, which is a ponytail wig, because the only ponytail wigs that fit me are Arda and Epiccosplay, and Epic's wig are a nightmare to style with any kind of product, so it's completely pointless trying to do anything that involves spikes. Therefore I'm stuck with the Jeanie, but I can't figure out how the heck I'm suppose to do the back spiky part.

#2 DlGlT on 3 years ago

I'd foamcore/wire it
The glue method used on the long spikes here would also be interesting

#3 StarsOfCassiopeia on 3 years ago

DIGIT's methods will work, but you could also just do this with teasing.

I've got a tutorial here that shows [URL=""]just how much volume you can add with teasing[/URL], and another cosplayer's[URL=""] Tracer timelapse[/URL] shows you how to spike in the vertical direction. Look up general spiking tutorials for how to do that.

I'd honestly use just the base Jeannie to start, and then maybe mine the ponytail clip for more wefts if you need to add more volume to achieve all those spikes.