where to get Russia's pipe ?

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#1 Dark_Chocolate1 on 5 years ago

My friend is cosplayinh Russia and im gonna get her the pipe as a present(she doesnt mind with carrying it aroumd). Where could I buy a metal sink pipe?

#2 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

For something like this, it would be a lot easier to construct it from scratch. This way it will be lightweight and con-friendly. Pipe's like that you could probably find at a hardware store of some sort...but yeah....building one would be a much better idea.

NOW! If you're going to go with building Russia's pipe, it's pretty straight forward. I would recommend using a PVC pipe, PVC fittings, if you can find a spicket of some sort, and paint...it's pretty easy to whip up. And you can find all of those materials at pretty much any hardware store.

Here's an example: [url]http://inspiral.deviantart.com/art/prop-RUSSIA-faucet-pipe-157470172[/url]

There are several tutorials on constructing one~

Of course, you can also look into commissioning it.

:U Aaand I didn't notice when this thread was posted! So maybe this will be of help, or maybe I'm too late XD.

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