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#1 AbDayW on 5 years ago

Hello there! My sister and I are planning on being Elsa and Anna for Awesomecon DC in April. It's in the early stages, but I had a question for wigs..

I've decided to go with Arda Wigs, and have decided on the Buttercup Style. (unless something else is recommended)

For Elsa, I've decided to go with Titanium Blonde.

For Anna? Not sure. I'm torn between Light Copper Red (025) or Pumpkin (AR011).
In the galleries on the website, the colors are ALL over, and I don't wish to buy a swatch with all of the colors.


Has anyone had experience with either of these colors? I personally believe Light Copper Red would be best, but i'm unsure how it will look in different lighting. (especially indoor con lighting)


#2 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago


Her hair colour is a shade between Ginger Blonde and Light Copper Red.

Pumpkin just a touch to deep and orange for her.

Sandy Brown is another option if you want a more brown tone to her hair.

Cosplayer in those chases.
Ginger Blonde
Light Copper Red 025
Sandy Brown 124

Warm Light Brown AR015

#3 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

My Twilight Zelda is an Arda in Warm Sandy Brown... (profile pic) But let me check the email receipt to be sure

ETA: It's actualy Warm Light Brown. There's pictures in different kinds of light in my gallery if you want to see how it looks. I'm not sure if this is the right color, hers looks a smidgin more red but on a 'real' person it may work...

[URL=""]Arda Le Tigre Long in Warm Light Brown (trimmed)[/URL]

Another, looking more red. Indoors with flash [URL=""]Arda Warm Light Brown (Indoor)[/URL]

#4 Satine on 5 years ago

For Elsa I highly recommend getting two wigs or getting matching wefts because her braid is super super full. I used a regular lace front wig and then bought a cheapie halloween wig and braided them together and it is only just as heavy as her hair looks in the movie. I'll get some photos before I wash and condition the main wig again- I'll probably want to retint it (gave both wigs an acrylic wash to knock back shine but also make them tone together) anyway and get a better matching wig for Elsa. I can get photos of it being disassembled to show how I braided them together because they are fully separable :)