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#1 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Hello FF universe. Been a while since I needed any FF help..

Anywho, I have REALLY been wanting to cosplay Jihl from FFXIII but I have no clue where to start..

I basically don't know ANY of it material wise other then the stockings are just that..I don't know the materials that would be "correct" for the entire thing..

-Materials..No idea..Maybe a heavy cotton?
-All those designs..How would one make those detailed designs?
-I assume I can do all those hanging gold ropes with just that..Gold rope..Then I can use craft foam to make the belt parts over a real belt..

Shirt thing..:
I don't know what that even IS, let alone how to construct it..I was thinking also a heavy cotton material.. but not sure

I can't tell what style skirt she has. if anyone knows that would help thanks.

Then the thing around her neck..The ruffled thing..Anyone know what that is?

Anyway thank you all for any help.

#2 Ayekasong on 6 years ago

I've been pouring over this one, myself for a while, though I have yet to actually put any of my plans into action.

This is a good example of how game renders and concept art can be completely different.

-If you go with the concept art, you could get away with a heavy cotton. The render looks more textured to me, maybe a suede...in game, it looks like leather.
-Those designs - I haven't done a lot of research, but the trim puzzles me, too. Someone once suggested that I should look at Fifth Element costumes for inspiration for the trim. The other designs could be painted or embroidered, depending on what material you use. They could also be done with cording. The inside of the bottom of the coat definitely lights up, so I'd go with El wire for that.
-I think you have the right idea for the belt.

-I think you could get away with a heavy cotton for her shirt IF you're basing the design off of the concept art or the render. The in-game image looks like leather to me. You could use any sheer fabric for the part covering her boobs.
-I think the actual construction would be close to a normal front-button shirt, but the buttons are on the left side of her torso, instead of in the center. The collar is kind of like a modified sailor fuku collar.
-The neck thing looks like a modified high collar, designed to stand straight up. It's pleated in random places to make it more ruffled. You could probably achieve that look with some cotton and very stiff interfacing, or you could use wire. It is separate from the dickey-thing beneath it - there's a seam there that you can see in the in-game image.

-The render looks like a very basic skirt. The concept art looks like the skirt is paneled, with the front panel protruding outward a bit. The in-game skirt looks like the render one.

So yea, this is a pretty complex costume, but you may want to pick one reference picture and work off of that, or you can do a mash-up of all 3. Good luck to you!

*edit* I just realized you posted this a couple of months ago, so this may or may not be helpful. If you've found out any more, please share!

#3 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

But......Everything in CGI look s like leather..I mean, Look at Kingdom Hearts, or even Final Fantasy VII Advent Children..Pretty much everything looks leathery in there when 90% of it isn;t..It doesn't look leathery to me..It looks like a CGI version of heavy fabric like a heavy cotton..Like take Cloud's black side skirt bag thing in Advent Children..It looks like leather in the CGI just looking at it, but when you get super close ups you can see the weave of fabric..I would say leather for the shirt would not only be really hot, but it wouldn't look like it should be there in this..The coat, it's too hard to tell.

And no, I haven't even started haha
I ran outta funds and ended up doing things I CAN make lol

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