HTTYD2 Astrid Wig

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#1 TheNightingale on 5 years ago

Hey guys! Recently saw HTTYD2 which absolutely blew me away. I've decided to take on a more ambitious cosplay and be Astrid. I'm having issues with her wig though. I only ever use Arda Wigs and I went through and none of the wigs seem to really suit her style in the color I would need. I'm hoping someone could suggest either another wig store or throw me some ideas! Thanks!

NOTE: Totally pretend like I didn't stick this in the live action thread... oops. >.>


#2 schmemy on 5 years ago

Sorry if this isn't right but I think an Eowyn would probably work out just fine for Astrid! It comes in every blonde that would work, depending on your preference. :> I'm thinking either pale blonde or dark ash blonde, personally. To bulk out the braid, you could combine two wigs into one, or adapt some of the methods used by Rapunzel cosplayers. I know there are a few tutorials out there.