Review of this year (abridged)

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#1 cosplaylady on 5 years ago

Lines: Shorter than last year.

Rave: Equal (easier to get in)

Staff: Slightly better

Layout: Still confusing. Needed more signs.

Panels: Same as last year.

Badges: Eh, since they weren't required. The lanyards from Anime Midwest were a nice touch, they were pretty.

Overall Status: Better than last year a little.

#2 bashfulbunny on 5 years ago

Some of the line formations were really silly.

At one point, they moved a J. Michael Tatum panel, and the whole line had to go go down a hallway, up a flight of stairs, and down another hallway. Somewhere during the transition, we lost half the line.

And yes, more signs would have been greatly helpful.

It was my first Ohayocon, and I thought it was fun.

#3 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

It was my first Ohayocon too, thought the lines were a little silly but over all it was a lot of fun ^-^)/

#4 blackmateria on 4 years ago

Lines: Concur
Rave: Concur, though felt smaller?
Staff: Nice!
Layout: More signs would have been nice because we got there a little late.

Hope to come back again soon.