Which sailor scout should I cosplay as?

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#1 Lilymullins11 on 6 years ago

I love sailor moon and am planning to cosplay as one of the sailor scouts. I've been debating which one to do. I love them all so much. So which one do you guys think I should be?




#2 AwkwardMarkie on 6 years ago

First, the links to your pictures did not work.

Second, cosplay the character you think you will have the most fun dressing up as. I have cosplayed as three senshi so far: Sailor Jupiter, Eternal Mercury, and Sailor Star Maker. I had the most fun as Sailor Jupiter. Part of that is because she is the most like me physically (I'm 5'9", brown hair, green eyes), but the rest is because I related more to her character and that came through in pictures. I don't have the same reserved personality that Mercury and Star Maker generally have, so trying to pose for pictures while "in character" was more difficult for me than when I was Jupiter, who is more energetic and dynamic in her poses. On the other hand, I chose Eternal Mercury because I love the colors of her fuku.

If you think closely resembling the character will give you the best cosplay experience, then upload your pictures to imgur and try to post them again in this thread, and I will offer a suggestion. However, if you already have a character in mind that you think you would enjoy being, then go for it!

#3 Alyssa3467 on 6 years ago

Just for fun: [url]http://www.buzzfeed.com/kimberlywang/which-sailor-moon-character-are-you[/url] :D

#4 RainRevolution on 6 years ago

Uh, who is your favorite character and that'll answer your question!

#5 Kesra on 6 years ago

Oh! The one in the miniskirt. Her.

#6 Alyssa3467 on 6 years ago

And not the one with the white gloves? ;)

#7 Creative Genius on 5 years ago

pick whatever character you like the best... if that doesn't help, go for your favorite color!
I picked Sailor moon because I wanted my husband to be tuxedo mask. He also says im a crybaby and do nothing but eat >_>

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