Non Brown Steampunk Costume

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#1 OArmitage on 5 years ago

Hi everyone first post here just looking for some advice
I'm attempting to do a costume for a Comicon trip with friends we are all "steampunking" it up but I've hit a brick wall on my creativity. I'm attempting to do a military uniform theme centred around WW1 style (is that still steampunk?) my base image are these Austrian cavalry:


so far ive come up with Anglicising a little with the addition of a British style Pith Helmet :


I've got a red military braid style jacket and am in the process of making a prosthetic arm:



the arm is going through a remake right now to make it look more realistic and to add some more details* like tubing running to a "power pack" on my back which would most likely double as my rucksack for carrying stuff.* I'm thinking of adding blue style trousers sewing a red ribbons down the seam much like military uniforms from the 19th century. possible other additions im thinking a sam brown style pistol belt and posisbly buying a cheap wall hanger blunt sabre. does anyone have suggestions* *

sorry for the potato Quality of the images my phone is slowly dying.
TL : DR need help and suggestions on a military style non brown Steampunk costume


#2 Ironhill on 5 years ago

Looks good to me. The British Army used similar uniforms throughout the 1800's. If you are not carrying a firearm, you might want to incorporate a couple gun barrels on the forearm of the prosthetic arm.

#3 Volnixshin on 5 years ago

I don't know what the obsession with brown is in steampunk, especially the victorian era. because the vic era was CHOCK FULL of colorful clothes and fashions. hell the more colorful the better

world war one was the crux between the end of steampunk/weird west, and the beginning of dieselpunk

#4 dizzymonochrome on 5 years ago

I think the "everything was brown" mentality comes from looking at sepia tone pictures. Volnixshin is right, everything was actually really colorful, and people were obsessed with prints and silks from the east like Asia/India because they were exotic and imported.

#5 Magyarita on 5 years ago

Yeah, the brown really kept me away from wanting to do it. I'm not a fan of brown or other earthy tones, so that made me feel rather discouraged.

But now that I see that there are others doing it in bright colors, I'll give it a try.